The 5 Best Gaming Headsets For Xbox One For A More Realistic Experience When Playing Your Video Games


In recent years you have surely witnessed the rise of a unique movement of video game fans, that as a kind of urban fauna, they have been acquiring more and more notoriety. This motley species is none other than that of the gamers, world of which you are surely a part.

In this regard the gamersNot only are they enough to keep up with the latest generation equipment and consoles (such as the Xbox One or PS4), they try to obtain the devices that provide them with the greatest sense of realism when playing.

One of the add-ons that unequivocally satisfies this experience are video game headphones. In the market there are many options, more to determine which is the best, it becomes rugged, but not so much if you have an enlightening guide.

Do not decline in your search since through this comparison, we will present you the best gaming helmets for Xbox One.

The Best Gaming Headsets For Xbox One

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What is the best gaming helmet for Xbox One?

There are several factors or characteristics that will determine which is the best option to buy.

It is well known that many of these players are console and computer users, therefore it is pertinent to opt for devices that are compatible for both platforms.

Since these use long hours of entertainment, the helmets must be ergonomic, made of soft materials, with adjustable headbands, anti-sweat pads, etc.

That the sounds of the game are realistic and high fidelity, that buzzes are not sneaked in, or hearing is interrupted when communicating with another player.

If you buy a wireless headset, you have to consider choosing the one that guarantees the longest charging durability, since otherwise, you could suddenly lose communication with your chat team.

Once these aspects have been taken into account, we will present you the most recommended articles.

Here we present you the best gaming helmets for Xbox One:

1. Auriculares gaming profesionales para Xbox One Razer Kraken

For demanding gamers


Razer Kraken - Auriculares Gaming...

Razer Kraken – Auriculares Gaming…


The brand Razer offers you a professional headset to be used with the Xbox One console; It will give you high performance thanks to its high construction standards.

Its neodymium magnetic speakers will offer you clear sound in the mid and high ranges, while the low frequencies will be deep.

Its closed design pads apart from providing comfort, create acoustic insulation; Its addition of an analog and unidirectional microphone will allow you to interact in real time with other players without annoying noise or interruptions.

The product dimensions are: 16.5 x 9 x 20 cm and 290 g. It is a recommended article.

2. Wireless Gaming Headphones HAMSWAN HUHD-H



[Regalo Original] HAMSWAN Headphones ...

[Regalo Original] HAMSWAN Headphones …


These stereo quality wireless headphones have an effective range of 6 to 10 meters; they are coupled to the latest generations of video game consoles as well as to TV and PC.

It is powered by a lithium battery, being able to perform up to 12 hours, fully charging in 5 hours by means of a USB cable.

Its high-sensitivity 40mm speaker projects perfectly as the action unfolds, the microphone is flexible and detachable.

The sound of the game and the chat can be controlled separately by the attached transmitter. They are good headphones.

3. Auriculares gaming VersionTech

Camouflaged and for action


VersionTECH. Stereo Gaming Headphones ...

VersionTECH. Stereo Gaming Headphones …


The first thing that stands out when looking at this device is its conspicuous military camouflage design.

You can enjoy good sound quality thanks to its 40mm high precision magnetic neodymium driver.

The headphones incorporate vibrators that enhance the bass and therefore the clarity and realism of the games. The control panel incorporates the mute button and rotary volume controller.

Its ear pads are made of soft and anti-sweat leather, its headband is adjustable and the microphone can be adjusted more, not disassembled.

The device comes with a 3.5mm jack to connect it to a console, or to your mobile.

It is ideal for enthusiasts of action games such as Call Duty or Metal Gears Solid.

4. Casco para Xbox One Beexcellent

Good value for money


Its ergonomic design and light weight make it one of the most suitable devices for gamers addicted to long hours of fun.

This hearing aid offers virtual surround sound; You can hear clearly without outside noise, thanks to its 50-millimeter magnetic neodymium driver.

It has a muteer and rotary volume controller. The microphone can be rotated 360 degrees. It is compatible with all kinds of devices.

If you wish, you can make its lights shine just by connecting it to a USB port.

Its cost is affordable and with certainty we can say that it is a good quality product.

5. Auriculares Gaming para Beexcellent GM-01-BB-001UK

Comfortable and inexpensive


These helmets in the shape of a beach turtle with a weight of less than 300 grams, leather earmuffs and an adjustable headband will provide you with the highest comfort at a more than reasonable price.

Its microphone has a noise reducer that will allow you to communicate loudly, clearly and without background noise.

It provides a very good acoustic experience, its ear muffs are hermetic, thus avoiding external sound leaks. Has a boost bass that boosts these frequencies.

It is compatible with all the latest generation consoles such as the Xbox 360, as well as other electronic devices.

It is the least expensive item on the list.


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