Top 10 Best Electronic Toys For Kids, Choose The Perfect Gift For The Holidays


The festivities are a special time to share with the family and entertain your loved ones, a time where the illusions and dreams of the little ones at home can become reality.

Throughout the year, children look forward to the holidays to welcome their favorite toys with joy, yet today’s children belong to a technological generation. These little ones have left behind the wooden cars and the cloth dolls, to enjoy and learn through electronic devices and toys.

Today we live in a time of constant technological evolution and the toy industry has not escaped this reality, on the contrary, it has evolved along with it, optimizing its products with new functions, designs and features to provide the children of the world with modern entertainment devices. and learning.

For this reason, today we present you the best electronic toys available on the market.


Best Electronic Toys For Children

# Preview Product Assessment
1 Virtual Reality Glasses Children + Game ... Virtual Reality Glasses Children + Game … No reviews
2 LCD writing tablet, LCD tablet ... LCD writing tablet, LCD tablet … No reviews
3 Electronic Shooting Target, Diana ... Electronic Shooting Target, Diana … No reviews
4 Avengers - Electronic Gauntlet ... Avengers – Electronic Gauntlet … No reviews
5 Xtrem Bots - Mazzy, Kit Robotica para... Xtrem Bots – Mazzy, Kit Robotica para… No reviews
6 Fisher-Price My first tablet, toy ... Fisher-Price My first tablet, toy … No reviews
7 Xtrem Bots - Robbie, Robot Juguete... Xtrem Bots – Robbie, Robot Juguete… No reviews

Here we present you the best electronic toys for kids:

1. Star Wars Electronic Robot – BB 8 Special Edition

Includes Force Band Bracelet


Star Wars - BB 8 Special Edition, ...

Star Wars – BB 8 Special Edition, …


It is a miniature replica of the cutest droid in the Star Wars saga, BB-8. Your child can enjoy hours of fun while remotely controlling all the movements of the little robot, with the help of a smartphone or the Force Band bracelet.

Give him a voice command such as “Go explore” to activate the robot’s autonomy. You can also record funny messages that you will share through the hologram function.

2. WowWee Miposaur Robot

A prehistoric pet


TOY- Robot MiPosaur, Color ...

TOY- Robot MiPosaur, Color …


MiPosaur is a robotic toy that reminds us of the amazing Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur.

This dinosaur has quite advanced technology. You can interact with it by making gestures with your hands or controlling it through an app designed for smartphones, although the most fun way is with the Beacon Sense trackball, a wonderful ball that provides an experience very similar to that of a pet.

The trackball will turn Miposaur into an interactive, playful and unpredictable pet.

3. Zoomer Kitty Robotick cat

Its use is recommended for children older than 5 years


Zoomer - Kitty Electronic Toy, ...

Zoomer – Kitty Electronic Toy, …


Zoomer Kitty is the perfect toy for children who want a pet but are not ready to take on all the responsibilities that come with caring for a living thing.

This robotic kitten perfectly mimics the behavior and sounds of a real cat. The little ones can play with her, give her affection and take her out for a walk. In addition, they will be able to identify different moods since the cat’s eyes light up with different colors depending on her mood.

4. Hatchimals – Penguala, color rosa 61921909

Provided with LED lights


Hatchimals - Penguala, color rosa...

Hatchimals – Penguala, color rosa…


Hatchimals presents us with a fantastic toy for our children to have fun and learn while playing. Your child must take care of the egg, incubating it and following the instructions for a magical being to be born.

Once the shell is hatched, your little one must learn to communicate with his new pet through different colors and lights, to give him all the attention he needs in the different stages of growth, these cares will make your new pet develop a unique personality.

5. Soy Luna Bluetooth sound tower

Includes bright speakers



Lexibook Karaoke Sound Tower ...

Lexibook Karaoke Sound Tower …


Stimulate the skills of the little ones with this wonderful musical tower. This device will allow your children to enjoy their favorite music, thanks to its bluetooth technology that allows you to connect any smart equipment to play your favorite playlist at full volume.

Your children will also be able to enjoy the Karaoke function, with lights and sound effects to create a festive atmosphere, they will be able to sing alone or in pairs since the tower allows to integrate a second microphone.

6. Star Wars – Furbacca, electronic game

Works with 4 AA batteries


Star Wars - Furbacca, Electronic Game ...

Star Wars – Furbacca, Electronic Game …


If your child loves the Furbys and the Star Wars universe, this toy is perfect to brighten his life.

Furbacca mimics the Wookiee sounds of his favorite Star Wars character, Chewbacca. Your little one will have endless fun humming the songs from the series, dancing and pampering his new playmate.

The game with Furbacca reaches new levels of fun when you combine it with the app, there your child can give him treats, baths and share with new virtual friends.

7. Kaokao Koala Interactivo

Its use is recommended for children over 4 years old.


Club Petz Kaokao Koala Interactivo

Club Petz Kaokao Koala Interactivo


It is an adorable Koala, an interactive and educational toy that will give your children the opportunity to learn the basic notions of pet care.

The little ones can have a great time while feeding KaoKao with eucalyptus branches or with a bottle, after feeding they will help him calm the hiccups by patting him on the back and to sleep they will learn to gently caress his back.

It comes with fun sound effects.

8. Selfie CAM Kidizoom VTech

Includes a micro USB cable


VTech- Kidizoom SelfieCam Camera ...

VTech- Kidizoom SelfieCam Camera …


It is a wonderful camera designed for the smallest of the home, with it your children can explore their most creative side while having fun learning about photography and video.

The camera allows your little ones to record up to 10 continuous minutes of video, so they can experiment with telling their own stories and mini-movies. They can enjoy taking pictures of the world around them or taking a portrait with their friends with the help of the extendable selfie stick.

9. CEBEK Robotic Arm Educational Didactic Toy Kit

With remote control


CEBEK - Educational Didactic Toy Kit ...

CEBEK – Educational Didactic Toy Kit …


It is a great toy for children between 10 and 14 years old. This robotic model will allow them to learn while having fun assembling the prototype.

During the assembly, your children must meet the challenge of assembling 5 different motors to operate the 5 joints of the device. Once the model is assembled, your children can have a lot of fun controlling all the movements and rotation levels of the toy from a distance.

10. Mini Drone with Top Race spy camera

Includes an LED reflector for night flights


Top Race Mini Drone with Camera ...

Top Race Mini Drone with Camera …


It is a wonderful drone equipped with a video camera. This toy will allow your children to develop their flying skills while recording wonderful shots of the world around them.

Your kids will be able to enjoy a lot, while controlling the flight speeds. They can take a photo with the push of a button and immediately return to video mode.

It is an easy toy to handle and control and your little ones can monitor the entire journey from the LCD screen integrated into the remote control.


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