Top 5 Best Electronic Chess To Play Like The Pros


Playing chess has always been one of my favorite hobbies since I was a kid and now that I’m older I still keep it up and always try to keep learning and improving a little more. That is why I love to play the best electronic chess and the reason why I will show you a comparison list with the 5 best sets today.

Although you do not think that everything has been so easy, since first I tried low quality models that were frozen, others that did not register movements well or turned off soon. It wasn’t easy at all!

The Best Electronic Chess

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Here are  the best electronic chess games: 

1. Millenium ChessGenius electronic chess

Realistic and complete


MILLENNIUM ChessGenius - Ordenador de...

MILLENNIUM ChessGenius – Ordenador de…


Recommended for those who are serious about chess, this model of more than 2000 ELO can give you a lot of battle and push you to learn new moves that will put your next opponents in trouble, thanks to its 45 MHz ARM Cortex M4 processor it is able to decide very quickly and give you an experience very close to what it would be like to compete against another skilled human.

It has an LCD screen that lights up with the movements and also teaches you to think about new plays and to be a better player every day. It has large and realistic magnetic pieces, like its king that reaches 2.25 cm in height.

2. Electronic chess LEXIBOOK Chess Light

Intuitive and easy to use


LEXIBOOK Electronic and luminous chess ...

LEXIBOOK Electronic and luminous chess …


Whether you are in the process of learning chess from a very low level or as advanced or intermediate, this board may be one of your best options, since it has up to 64 levels of difficulty for all types of players, which are also distributed in 4 different styles of play such as beginner mode, one moderate, one analysis, one math and one for two users.

The board also has light position indicators and a pressure-sensitive panel, as well as aids to give you clues when you need them, a button to rewind moves, spectator mode and intuitive functions such as detecting ties, recognizing different types of dunk and more.

3. Aquamarine RMS208 electronic chess

It’s phenomenal


Aquamarine ELECTRONIC CHESS C / Voice.

Aquamarine ELECTRONIC CHESS C / Voice.


Simply one of the most complete models, which not only looks great when you uncover it, but it also works very well and gives you everything you need to learn to be a chess master. The first thing is that it has a voice simulator to indicate the best possible moves, followed by a chess teacher function with several levels so that you learn with tips and tricks designed specifically for you.

At the same time, it has 8 different levels of intelligence or difficulty and ends up being super easy to use, since it has a large LCD screen with graphic representation of the board and comes with a sensitive keyboard that registers movements with total comfort.

4. Electronic chess LEXIBOOK Chessman Elite

To be a chess master


Lexibook - Electronic chess and ...

Lexibook – Electronic chess and …


For starters, its design is incredible and differs from most other electronic boards that you can find on the market. You can also play against a friend or simply duel against this electronic chess machine to keep learning and practicing. In addition, this brand has thought about your comfort and to vary the game by giving you up to 64 different levels of difficulty divided into several modes and a sensitive and comfortable keyboard to use.

It also has LEDs that help you better visualize each of the plays, as well as functions so that you can go back or see your movements better and analyze the game to be better every day.

5. Electronic chess Europe Chess Master II by Millenium

Versatile and portable



Europe Chess Master II: Chess and 7 ...

Europe Chess Master II: Chess and 7 …


This board stands out among the others in this comparison for its small pieces and size, which makes it a perfect portable chess to take with you from top to bottom without taking up too much space. It also comes with up to 30 levels of difficulty perfect for both beginners and more advanced players and in 5 different game modes.

This model works with 4 AA batteries and includes a backlit screen where you can see the dash in real time and make the necessary modifications. It also has a small compartment at the bottom to store the game tokens while you’re not using them, as long as they don’t get lost.

What are electronic chess?


Like almost everything that surrounds our lives today, these electronic chess sets are simply machines that you can play against, or that also allow you to play against other opponents face to face or even online.

They generally look the same as traditional sets, with the same decor and colors, only in this case they include interactive controls , screens, buttons, and everything that modern technology entails. In fact, it is also possible to change the difficulty of the game to suit your level of chess skill. Thus, anyone, from beginners to the most advanced, can play.

In addition to this, they can even learn much more about this sport, since some models have tutorials and even teach you new movements or give you tips on how to play better. It is that in reality there have been great advances in relation to the first electronic sets, which only served for amateurs to learn the basics.

Types of electronic chess



The ideal travel boards are slightly smaller sets that are designed so that you can take them wherever you want, so you can play chess whenever and wherever you want. Some come with physical parts as usual, while others just include an LCD screen. Apart from this, they usually have the capacity and strength necessary to beat 95% of the players due to their high level of ELO, the unit of measurement for the capacity and quality of the sets.

On the other hand, the good quality ones have rechargeable batteries for greater autonomy, as well as LED or LCD screens with good graphics and good processors.


These are the same size and style as professional dashboards , with large, full pieces, as well as LED or LCD displays for convenient viewing and control. In these models you have to press the piece you want to move, take it to its new place and press again. This will cause the device to turn on indicator lights and record the movement.

Now, this pressing with each movement can be a bit tedious after a while, so there you can choose another model that detects the changes simply by moving the piece.

Benefits of having an electronic chess

Ideal for learning

Learning chess is not as easy as it may seem, since you have to practice many hours and, unfortunately, many times we do not have another person with whom to play for so long to learn new movements, in addition to that we would also need someone with a little more than experience. That is why electronic chess sets are practically your best friend, since they allow you to adjust the difficulty levels so that you can play and learn new combinations quickly and easily.

Some models even come with a voice to warn you about good plays or alert you to a move you need to make. Of course, these are not the cheapest .

Perfect for improving your chess skills

Even the most advanced players and professionals need to practice and benefit enormously from this, to learn new plays and to be more and more unbeatable every day. Therefore, practice with a good electronic chessboard with a high ELO level can be a great solution. There are also models that can be connected to your computer to load new game modes and difficulty.


Having a portable set gives you the facility to be able to play wherever and whenever you want, which can be a great help for those players who are always on the go or simply for those who love to keep their minds active with a good game of chess to pass the time.

Of course, remember what we mentioned above and always look to buy a model that has a rechargeable battery, as long as you can use it more easily, since alkaline batteries do not usually give you the necessary duration, plus you will end up spending too much money to replace the batteries all the time.

Online game

Have you ever imagined yourself playing a game of chess with another person thousands of km away from you? You could learn interesting techniques and ways to play chess that you never imagined existed, plus you will always have a real person to play with. It is that, over time, playing only against your electronic chess processor can become repetitive and even easy to predict, as you begin to learn the way the machine thinks and adapt your game to it. This, in a tournament, can take its toll on you.

There is nothing better than practicing against other humans who pose a bigger and more difficult challenge, whose way of thinking is much more complicated than that of a machine and who can give you a greater number of possible combinations and plays.

Which electronic chess set should you buy?

Skill level

When you go shopping for a new set, you have to think about more than looking for an affordable price , as that is not the only factor to consider. Precisely, one of the first things you should keep in mind before choosing is your level of skill in chess, because it is not the same to buy a model for a professional, than for an amateur.

That said, there are adult and talking models that give us clues about the possible moves we can make, such as other children’s moves so that children begin to understand chess and become familiar with the game. Then, if you are already one of the intermediate or advanced, it is better that you go thinking about the models with a higher ELO degree or that allow online play. Only then can you get the most out of this machine.


Surprisingly, you don’t need to spend more than € 100 on good electronic chess. In fact, there are models that do not exceed € 50 and are an excellent purchase despite being the least expensive . This is because they can be perfect to start, develop new skills or even adapt well to electronic chess before moving to a more expensive and complete model.


Think about the reasons why you are buying one of these devices and that will tell you what matters in your new set. Do you want it to improve your skills and become a professional? Or maybe you’re just looking for it to hang out with your friends who are fans of the sport. There are even people who want a pocket model to take with them everywhere, so they will have to go for the smallest and most compact ones.

Whatever the case, knowing your needs will greatly help you find the best one on the market for you.

Why buy an electronic chess?

Electronic chess is not only an ideal way to learn to play and improve our skills on the board, but it has also proven its effectiveness and its importance by being present in the vast majority of professional tournaments and competitions around the world. If even the greats use them, why wouldn’t you do it to improve?

Another reason is that they allow you to keep track of your progress, with scores, how long it takes to move, the effectiveness of your movements, games won and lost, and much more.

Apart from that, they can be used in different uses, such as teaching and learning, to record your games and analyze them later, to play, practice and study chess or even to broadcast your games live with friends and during tournaments or competitions.

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