The 7 Best Dollhouses to Give as Gifts and Amuse the Little Ones of the House


Among the oldest toys that exist are dollhouses. In the beginning, they were intended for adults, these were their main consumers, especially collectors. Its purpose was to recreate on a small scale the elegant and majestic houses of the time.

Over time, the market grew and the main toy brands dedicated themselves to creating beautiful and affordable dollhouses for all ages, especially for girls, who are very excited to receive one as a gift.

And that is how, today, there are millions of models to choose from; which complicates things a bit when buying one for your little ones.

But do not despair, we have the help you need, since we have put together a very complete comparative list so that you can find the perfect dollhouse.

The Best Dollhouses

# Preview Product Assessment
1 KidKraft 65092 Dollhouse of ... KidKraft 65092 Dollhouse of … No reviews
2 Huge Castle Dollhouse with ... Huge Castle Dollhouse with … No reviews
3 KidKraft Camila Dollhouse ... KidKraft Camila Dollhouse … No reviews
4 Enchantimals - Casa Danessa with doll ... Enchantimals – Casa Danessa with doll … No reviews
5 HOMCOM Dollhouse with Furniture ... HOMCOM Dollhouse with Furniture … No reviews
6 KidKraft Annabelle Dollhouse ... KidKraft Annabelle Dollhouse … No reviews
7 Fsolis Miniature Dollhouse of ... Fsolis Miniature Dollhouse of … 102 Opinions

Here we present the best dollhouses:

1. Enchantimals FRH50 Dollhouse

A charm!


Enchantimals - Forest Superhouse and ...

Enchantimals – Forest Superhouse and …


A house in an enchanted forest for your little ones to create thousands of stories within it. This beauty has dimensions of 10.2 x 53.3 x 38.1cm and weighs 1.72kg. Includes 6-inch doll and more than 15 removable pieces of furniture and accessories

Its front is pink and made of wood, while it features golden horns on the roof and a turquoise front door. As you turn around the house, you will see how colorful it is, with flowery wallpaper, eye-catching decorative elements and many windows through which the light of the forest enters.

2. ColorBaby 85295 Wooden Dollhouse

With top carry handle


WOOMAX - Wooden dollhouse ...


116 Reviews

WOOMAX – Wooden dollhouse …


It has a tender and delicate appearance, ideal for the sweetest girls in the house. In the house pastel colors predominate, especially pink and its facade is made of wood. Once the lid is opened, you can see the interior of three large floors.

As if that were not enough, this house includes 7 accessories that are used to furnish it. In turn, one of the sides is folding and when it is opened it has a drawing of a garden. Its use is recommended for girls over 3 years of age. It is easy to assemble!

3. Kayla KidKraft Dollhouse

Big and colorful



KidKraft 65092 Dollhouse of ...

KidKraft 65092 Dollhouse of …


Four rooms and a balcony make up this elegant and beautiful house, made entirely of wood that will provide hours of non-stop fun. Includes 10 different accessories, hand painted to provide a greater level of detail.

A spacious and very entertaining house, with its entire facade open so that several can play at the same time. That even you can enjoy with your little ones.

4. Playmobil Romantic Dollhouse

Great value for the price



Playmobil 5303 - Dollhouse ...

Playmobil 5303 – Dollhouse …


This beautiful house is perfect for the most flirtatious. It has 6 rooms to get the most of your creativity and imagination.

In addition, it is interactive, since it has a doorbell that really works, so it requires AAA batteries to work, it contains two dolls and a mailbox that opens and closes.

5. Leomark Dollhouse

Guaranteed fun


Leomark Wooden Dollhouse -...

Leomark Wooden Dollhouse -…


A true dream mansion. It is made entirely of wood and contains all the necessary furniture to equip each of its rooms, in this way it will allow your little ones to have a great time.

Pastel colors and incredible finishes define this giant 90-centimeter high house, undoubtedly a very good option if you are looking to surprise.

6. Wooden Dollhouse with Furniture and Leomark Dolls

Very good quality


Leomark Dream House Dollhouse of ...

Leomark Dream House Dollhouse of …


A cute little house made of wood accompanied by cute dolls and fully furnished. It is very practical since it allows you to open it for the moment of playing and close it for a more comfortable storage.

It has more than 30 accessories, as well as a very beautiful design that will not only allow you to have a good time sharing with your little one, but will also be an excellent piece to decorate her room.

7. Howa Dollhouse

Easy to store


howa - Dollhouse with 21 pieces of ...

howa – Dollhouse with 21 pieces of …


This nice little house is a good option if you are looking for something simple, but of very good quality and with a beautiful design for your little one.

It is foldable, which will make its storage a simple task. It is equipped with 21 pieces of furniture to equip the whole house, made of wood like the house, which will become a safe entertainment for the little girls.

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