The 5 Best Chuggington Toys To Surprise Your Little Ones This Christmas


If you are looking to surprise your little ones with an educational and fun toy this Christmas and on Three Kings Day, nothing like giving their little hands a gift of good quality like the amazing Chuggington engines.

Who hasn’t followed the adventures of Koko, Wilson and Brewster at home? Well we are sure that both parents and children have seen daily and with emotion, the episodes it offers Disney Channel’s Playhouse Disney O Discovery Kids.

That is why in this review, we have prepared a selection of those cute little trains that will give a red, green, blue and yellow color to the holiday season gifts that your children will play with, also offering a didactic product, affordable and resistant, that will make their hearts fall in love and will make their eyes shine with joy.

Cheer up then to say then chuuuuuuuuuuu, chuuuuuuuuu, chuuuu !!!!!

Best Chuggington Toys

# Preview Product Assessment
1 Action Locomotive Train with ... Action Locomotive Train with … No reviews
2 Toy train set with a train ... Toy train set with a train … No reviews
3 60 Piece Toy Train Set ... 60 Piece Toy Train Set … No reviews
4 Chuggington Locomotive Touch & GO Wilson... Chuggington Locomotive Touch & GO Wilson… No reviews
5 Chuggington- Wilson-Train Toy ... Chuggington- Wilson-Train Toy … No reviews
6 Chuggington Die Cast LC54003 - Bastian,... Chuggington Die Cast LC54003 – Bastian,… No reviews
7 Chuggington EU890103 Pop Chuggers –... Chuggington EU890103 Pop Chuggers –… No reviews

Here we present you Best Chuggington Toys:

1. Chuggington – Learning set with brakes (TOMY LC54230)

Funny railway system


Chuggington - Learning Set with ...

Chuggington – Learning Set with …


For all those little ones from 36 months to 10 years, this wonderful, resistant and safe toy has been designed, belonging to the training and braking series of our beloved Koko and Brewster trains.

Through its innovative railway system, you will be able to build a track with pillars of sand, which will explode as the locomotive passes, helping your favorite characters to descend quickly down a slope.

You can also interact with a colorful trailer on a launch pad, making it one of the best options at the time of to buy a fun and educational gift.

2. Chuggington Die Cast LC54301 – 3D Wilson Rolling Case for 17 Vehicles

Store different vehicles in a locomotive locker


Chuggington Die Cast LC54301 - 3D Wilson...

Chuggington Die Cast LC54301 – 3D Wilson…


If you are looking to increase curiosity and laughter in your children’s games, we recommend 3D Wilson, a friendly locomotive guard made of metal, who makes her own in Chuggington.

Capable of storing up to 17 small trains inside or several wagons with a crane, it becomes one of the robust, resistant, funniest and best-designed vehicles on the list, since its details are very faithful to the animated series.

Establishing a comparative With other products, your children can also store other types of small cars inside.

3. Clementoni – Chuggington Design Magnetic Whiteboard (5863.8)

Drawing and fun inspired by the city of little trains


Clementoni- Magnetic whiteboard with ...

Clementoni- Magnetic whiteboard with …


When you want continuous entertainment for the little ones in the household ages 4 and up, nothing like Chuggington’s fantastic Magnetic Whiteboards.

Not only will you be choosing a quality product, high resistance and rounded edges that will keep children safe, but its drawing surface is wide, keeping them busy for hours.

It comes with manageable magnets as well as various silhouettes that make it easy to learn to draw.

As for his price, it has an excellent cost.

4. Chuggington StackTrack LC54006- Grandpa Pete, cast engine rich in details, colors and tough

Ideal to complete the collection


Chuggington StackTrack LC54006- Abuelo...

Chuggington StackTrack LC54006- Abuelo…


As you have become enthusiastic about the world of locomotives, your train family must be completed with Grandpa Pete, the oldest of all in the citadel of Chuggington.

This toy has a coupling system compatible with all Chuggington Stacktrack or Die Cast vehicles and playsets.

It has been made of resistant metal and its details are 100% faithful to the animated series, making your children feel, as Grandpa Pete teaches to love both wisdom and Wilson, Koko and Bastian.

When reviewing similar products from the market, you will easily realize that all children want it.

5. Chuggington Die Cast LC54003 – Bastian, rich in detail, colorful and sturdy cast locomotive

For little locomotive collectors


Chuggington Die Cast LC54003 - Bastian,...

Chuggington Die Cast LC54003 – Bastian,…


If you want success in choosing the product less expensive In the list that we have offered, you have reached your best option with Bastian, a beautiful locomotive with a hitch system, equally compatible with all vehicles and playsets of the Mark Die Cast.

Ideal for children 5 years and older, this train will enhance their imagination and become a successful gift for Christmas.

Combining metal with plastic, it rolls wonderfully and features a sturdy clutch despite its small size.

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