The 5 Best Cheap Wii Games For You To Entertain Yourself


The boys and I turn into children when it comes to the Wii, but the games we have have already become tiresome. Well, we know them by heart and need new distractions!

Looking for new alternatives I explored the option of buying used games and exchanging some others that we had gotten bored of, but in no case did it go as we expected.

After trading my Donkey Kong Country for another series of games, I found that they were too violent or boring for kids. A disappointment!

The exchange was not very successful either, the versions I received were outdated and even damaged.

After all this trouble I decided to search for the best cheap Wii games I could get.

Getting a good pair of games is not an impossible mission either, it is enough to aspire to a product that is of good quality and that you can get it for a reasonable price.

Best Wii Games

# Preview Product Assessment
1 Super mario bros for wii easy piano solo... Super mario bros for wii easy piano solo… No reviews
2 New Super Mario Bros. New Super Mario Bros. No reviews
3 Lets Sing 7 - Spanish Version Lets Sing 7 – Spanish Version No reviews
4 Angry Birds Star Wars[Importación[Importación Angry Birds Star Wars[Importación[Importación No reviews
5 Activision Guitar Hero - Game Activision Guitar Hero – Game No reviews
6 Activision Call of Duty - Juego (Wii U,... Activision Call of Duty – Juego (Wii U,… No reviews
7 Ubisoft Rayman Raving Rabbids, Wii -... Ubisoft Rayman Raving Rabbids, Wii -… No reviews

What are the best wii games?

To buy a good cheap game set for the Wii platform, you need to have an eyebest-wii-game

infallible about the offers that are available. Sometimes the stores put versions of good games at half price that makes a thing of nothing were the sensation.

But it is not the only thing, when searching you must consider a series of criteria that will facilitate the selection.

If you are one of those who enjoy unlimited violence, you should go for war sagas, but if you prefer to burn calories, sports or dance versions in steps may be an option.

In case it is family entertainment, for you and your childrenCooperative games, educational, entertainment and more than one player is appropriate.

A comparison will always help you, in case your selection is still complicated, perhaps this list will shed some light on you.

Here we present you the best Wii games:

1. Activision Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Attractive graphics



Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3


If you are the type of gamers who enjoy action games, weapons, wars, defense and some violence, then Modern Warfare is what you need.

This war saga brings a new episode made up of 15 missions in different places where, as always, you will have a whole arsenal of weapons and action facts.

Endowed with attractive graphics and fast and easy game mechanics, this new installment has also been developed by Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer and Raven Software.

We recommend that, before starting this game, you complete the first two sagas of this game.

2. Wii Nintendo Party

Varied and for the whole family


Party - Selects

Party – Selects


As always at the forefront, the Nintendo brand brings you this set of 80 mini games that will guarantee fun for all tastes, especially in varied game themes and healthy entertainment.

This is a version of Nintendo’s featured game options, ideal for playing either in groups of four or as a couple. This being one of its most attractive advantages since it brings together several players in a single game, ideal for the whole family.

Adventure Island, World Tour, Bingo, Wheel of Luck and Memory, are some of these entertaining and fun varieties.

3. Nintendo Selects Super Mario Galaxy

Recommended for true fans


Nintendo Selects Super Mario Galaxy

Nintendo Selects Super Mario Galaxy


Ideal for those who grew up playing Mario on Nintendo consoles and who still enjoy the adventures of this friendly plumber today, this selection from the series will make you have fun, remember, laugh and above all reaffirm why you are Mario fans.

The console made up of Wii Sports, Super Mario Galaxy or The Legend Zelda: Twilighty Princess is now reinforced with new games, including Mario Party 8, Super Paper Mario, Mario Power Tennis and Wii Sport Resort 12

It is affordable and those who already have it highlight that it is a great title: original, fun and very entertaining.

4. Ubisoft Spain Just Dance 2017

With updated content throughout the year



Just Dance 2017

Just Dance 2017


For those who prefer exercise in alternate spaces, a good dance routine is worth it. That is why the manufacturer Ubisoft Spain brings you this exclusive Wii game where you will burn beautiful calories.

Already more than 118 players around the world play it and go marching in front of the console doing the combination of steps of the themes of the moment. Just Dance 2017 offers more than 40 new songs.

One of the greatest attractions of this game is that it is a cooperative game with which you can get together to play with a bunch of friends.

5. Wii Rayman Origins

Fun and colorful


Rayman Origins

Rayman Origins


Like other times, once again the manufacturer Ubisoft Spain puts on the market this version of the 2D platform game, where the little gamers will help Rayman to free the clearing of the dreams of the evil darktoons.

This game model for Wii is the least expensive on the list, however, due to its qualities and characteristics, it is more than appropriate for children from 7 years old onwards.

It is a cooperative game that admits up to four players, and those who already have it highlight their great capacities to reinforce visual and motor skills in children.

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