The 6 Best Chalkboard Desks for Creative Kids


Stimulating the creativity of our children is important, but it can be a challenge especially in the first years of life when they know the color and are encouraged to make lines everywhere and make your walls their biggest canvas. That is why it is important to think about organizing their own creative space, as the best children’s desk with a blackboard in which they can enjoy their creativity without feeling self-conscious, but without your home suffering the consequences. Do you like the idea? So, don’t miss my comparison.

The Best Children’s Desks With Blackboard

# Preview Product Assessment
1 M VERY Pupitre Infantil with Pizarra 2 ... M VERY Pupitre Infantil with Pizarra 2 … No reviews
2 Smoby - Small Children's Desk -... Smoby – Small Children’s Desk -… No reviews
3 HOMCOM 2 in 1 Children's Desk with ... HOMCOM 2 in 1 Children’s Desk with … No reviews
4 Lisciani - Carotina Pizitre Pizarra con ... Lisciani – Carotina Pizitre Pizarra con … No reviews
5 WOOMAX - 2 in 1 Children's blackboard for ... WOOMAX – 2 in 1 Children’s blackboard for … No reviews
6 Guys - My Extendable Desk, Desk ... Guys – My Extendable Desk, Desk … No reviews
7 winfun 46694 - Desktop Learning and ... winfun 46694 – Desktop Learning and … No reviews

Here are  the best children’s desks with a blackboard: 

1. Pupitre infantil Peppa Pig


Smoby Peppa Pig 28078 - Pupitre + ...

Smoby Peppa Pig 28078 – Pupitre + …


Recommended to accompany your little one during a large part of their growth because it is ideal for children from 36 months to 7 years of age. In addition, it is made of robust and high-quality plastic , which speaks of an important durability, but also low maintenance, so it will not require too much effort on your part to keep it in perfect condition.

This desk has only one position, comfortable enough, in the game board style, so that you can do your homework and have fun drawing or playing board games in the same space without changing any place.

As if that were not enough, the brand on this occasion includes with the purchase of the desk at least 39 accessories, among which you will find color sheets, coloring sheets, sticker sheets, markers and crayons in a variety of colors that will allow the little one to let your imagination run wild. The coolest thing? Well, it’s from one of the funniest and most popular cartoons of recent years: the funny Peppa Pig and her family, so it will surely be to the liking of both your daughter and your son alike.

2. Boys plastic children’s desk



Guys - My Extendable Desk, Desk ...

Guys – My Extendable Desk, Desk …


We well know that children are not very much like staying in one place and, being completely honest, as parents we love having them around and knowing that they are well and that they feel accompanied and taken into account. Therefore, it will surely be important to you to know that this model of desk made entirely of plastic is quite light and easy to move around every corner of the house, so that your children can have fun or study being very close to you.

One of its advantages over many other similar models is that it is extensible , in this way it is able to adapt to children of 24 months and 5 years of age alike, without making it too high or too short because it can be adjusted to the needs of the height of your little one.

What they love is that it has a hidden drawer when lifting the top, so they can always have their things on hand like other toys or coloring books or their stickers. At the top it has some ideal slots so that the colored pencils or other utensils that they use to do their homework or draw do not escape.

3. Pupitre infantil madera My Little Pony


Little Helper - Infant Pupiter de ...

Little Helper – Infant Pupiter de …


If your little girl is one of those who loves to draw everywhere, there is an ideal solution for her to do her works of art and your walls to rest and this is precisely the Little Helper Fun Station that far from being just a children’s desk It is also a blackboard, from what you can see, versatile is a long time.

It is made of wood , so it is quite stable, robust and durable, one of the fundamental things that speaks to us of quality, but at the same time it has a beautiful finish, a vibrant pink color that is perfectly in the decoration of the room of the little princess.

At the same time, it is an excellent space where the imagination of the little one can fly freely because it can be used to only chalk on her table of directed design child, but it also has its blackboard to make free sketches or write the letters and numbers with the ones you are getting acquainted with, all this in the comfort of sitting in the comfort of your chair. Plus, it includes a chalk pen holder, crayons, pencils, and brushes.

4. Paw Patrol


Boys Paw Patrol Children's Desk ...

Boys Paw Patrol Children’s Desk …


Surely in addition to being a fan of drawing, your little one loves Paw Patrol, one of the most liked children’s programs on current television. If this is the case, you have found the best children’s desk for your little ones.

The table, the footrest and the bench are all attached, so it will be much more comfortable to move because it is also light. There is another important thing in its design and that is that it is designed in such a way that it is quite comfortable for children in an age range between 24 months and five years, so that it can accompany them in a good part of early childhood.

Both your workspace and your seat are spacious, so comfort will be one of your letters of introduction. One of the big problems with these inclined tables is that pencils and crayons tend to fall, but that problem is solved with a tubular hole and a square hole in which they can keep their implements and tools well.

5. Pupitre infantil 3 en 1 A lot


Pupitre Infantil with Pizarra Molto -...

Pupitre Infantil with Pizarra Molto -…


Not surprisingly, it is number one in sales and it is a great investment that includes three important elements, such as a stool, a table and a blackboard, like few others, as well as markers and up to 30 additional accessories that are perfect ingredients to start with. fun, such as magnetic letters with which to practice new words or write your own name.

It has a length of 90 cm and is ideal for both 36-month-olds and older children, 8 years old, but it is also unisex because thanks to its many colors it makes it possible for any child or child to feel identified and attracted.

It is also designed so that it can be interactive and that it is not only used by the little one, but parents can also get involved in entertaining activities and fun games with which children can learn while playing.

6. Pupitre infantil with pizarra Molto


M VERY Pupitre Infantil with Pizarra 2 ...

M VERY Pupitre Infantil with Pizarra 2 …


Transforms in seconds! And that is an important advantage when it comes to saving space, since just by lifting the desktop you will have a blackboard for your little one to draw for hours with their colored chalks that have been included in the package, but when you lower the desktop you will have again a desk on which to support your favorite drawing books, your stories or your toy cups to play at tea time with your friends.

But do not get carried away by its cute and childish appearance, the truth is that it is still a fairly strong and resistant desk, but also durable. In addition, its color combination is truly eye-catching and attractive, so no one will be indifferent when they see it and it will surely reflect the cheerful personality of your little artist. In addition to the chalk that it includes, it also brings a sponge and an eraser so that your artist can paint and erase as much and as much as she wants.


Why should you buy children’s desks specifically?


As parents, we all really want the best for our children and that they feel comfortable and at ease at all times, even in those moments that can be a bit more tedious for them such as when they are doing their homework.

Thus, when we equip their room, as they grow, we take care that the furniture is consistent with them, their size, so that they feel completely comfortable to use them. That is why we turn directly to the children’s section to go for a bed according to them or even their nightstand or shelves and, of course, children’s desks are one of those pieces of furniture.

And it is that the normal desks that adults use are much more difficult for children to use for different reasons, such as the height of the chair and the table that is on the upper side, it will be much more difficult for their little legs and arms. short to get to these.

However, when buying desks specifically designed for children, you can be sure that they will be able to use them without problems and that, in fact, they bring with them other quite significant advantages such as the fact that they take up less space, that they accompany the children’s decoration of the room, that you can find really striking and attractive models for boys and that can reflect their personality and interests, as well as being made with them and their needs in mind.

Are you already convinced to go for them? If not yet, you should know that, in general, they are also more affordable than models made for adults and all that without sacrificing good quality , one of the reasons is because less material is used in the design and manufacture of models for kids.

Things to consider when shopping for children’s desks


In the market there are many options with differences in styles and designs, which can powerfully determine the comfort of your kid, but they will also vary in things that seem more banal such as colors, which should be given the attention it deserves because it can be decisive so that he or she feels comfortable,

Do you think I forgot my pasta? As a mother, I know that it can be a determining factor in your decision to buy or not one of these, but here I can tell you with complete certainty that the options vary a lot, but even so there are always possibilities of finding cheap models .

All these variants can make you scratch a lot when you start the search, but what you should know is what is important and what is not when looking for one of these children’s desks so that you can ensure a good purchase, that’s why I leave it to you that you cannot lose sight of:


To fulfill its mission, you must make sure that the desk is precisely the right size for the child, according to the measurements or the age of the child in question, since clearly the one that best suits a 2-year-old child will not be the one that precisely, a 6-year -old will do better , for example, unless it is adjustable and is a model that can grow along with your child. Only starting from here will you be able to look at the other aspects carefully.

Available space in the room

Measuring the size available in the room before going for the ideal desk for your child is ideal because it will allow us to know what space we have in advance. For large spaces you can opt for some large models that often come with accessories that can make it even more voluminous, but you will have to be careful with this if your space is limited, there it will even be convenient to know if the desk that you like is foldable , so that does not occupy all the space all the time, but can be conveniently stored when not in use.

Security aspects

Since we are talking about little boys , it is important that we think much more about these aspects. For example, one of the things that is better to look at is that it has smooth corners, this will greatly reduce the possibility of serious blows in which children can be truly affected. Normally when we choose furniture specially designed for children, this will be one of the manufacturer’s concerns, but equally as parents it must be seen because they are met to avoid bad times.


Whatever the furniture, it is normal that there is wear. But when it comes to children, this can be intensified even more, which is why, as a mother, I recommend looking at the quality and intensity of maintenance that your little one’s desk requires. Ideally, with little maintenance the furniture is capable of lasting many years and that in case of any mishap it is very easy to clean. Usually a dry cloth can fix.


It is usually a space in which children spend a lot of time, drawing, doing school homework, in short. But in any case this is something that must be clear before buying it, it is good to ask yourself questions about the functionality of the furniture, if it will be only for playing or will it have multiple purposes.


Here both the needs and tastes of your child, as well as their tastes, must be satisfied. For example, there are models of the desk and chair style where the table and chairs are attached by a table or a long tube, if your child is left-handed, it would be better if that support is on the left side so that it is comfortable or, in in any case, that it is removable.

On the other hand, in addition to the appropriate fit, there are particular aspects such as their tastes so that it is pleasant and attractive to your child, I always choose because it is an expression of their personality and that it shows through the colors and finishes.


As much as any of the things we’ve covered in previous lines, your budget matters, and you generally don’t need to go four towns on that budget to get something worthwhile. But the way to do it is to keep that maximum amount in mind to avoid distractions or small temptations, for your peace of mind, the selection that I have prepared includes the least expensive options so that you do not find yourself breaking the pig.

It must be multifunctional

The most recommended thing in the world is that it be because our little ones tend to have that need as they grow up, their interest in many things at the same time needs to be able to be carried out in the same space, this is how the ideal table will work for them. to do her homework, but also to draw or play chess or any other board game, but it should also be good for her if she suddenly wants to use it to play tea with her friends or if she wants to do a craft on it.

Worse, we must also take into account that electronic devices are now the order of the day and at the hands of children, so it will not be a bad idea if you have slots and spaces designed so that they can use their electronic tablets, their mobiles and computers on your favorite desk. There are some that include charging slots or an extra board for the computer keyboard, for example, as well as there are those with light for those more interested in reading.

It must be extremely durable

If we’ve already gone to the trouble to review every detail to make it safe and versatile for our little ones, why overlook the fact that it’s durable? A model chosen with the ideal and quality materials will be able to accompany your children during a good stage of their childhood and even pass on to other generations.

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