The 5 Best Caterpillar Toys for Children to Live an Unlimited Building Experience


With all the strength of real machinery, the best Caterpillar toys arrive, representing the brand’s emblematic machinery. With these models, children will be able to create play scenarios that allow them to experience the real sensation of construction, boosting their creative capacity and manual skills.

The importance of role-playing games is evident in the first years of life of the little ones, where they incorporate manual skills and the exploration of the elements of their environment in their learning. Construction machinery makes sense of the need to create a result through the work involved.

These products reproduce in a very detailed way the original vehicles, with their characteristic black and yellow colors. With a wide range of alternatives, we present these proposals based on quality, relevance and prices to choose the toy that best suits children’s tastes.

The Best Caterpillar Toys

# Preview Product Assessment
1 CATERPILLAR, Excavadora 30cm L&S Tough... CATERPILLAR, Excavadora 30cm L&S Tough… No reviews
2 Caterpillar Mini Crew 3 Pack-Dump Truck,... Caterpillar Mini Crew 3 Pack-Dump Truck,… No reviews
3 CATERPILLAR, Truck Load 30cm L&S ... CATERPILLAR, Truck Load 30cm L&S … No reviews
4 CATERPILLAR, Pack 3 Mini Vehicles ... CATERPILLAR, Pack 3 Mini Vehicles … No reviews
5 CATERPILLAR, Cement Mixer 30cm L&S ... CATERPILLAR, Cement Mixer 30cm L&S … No reviews
6 Dickie Volvo Dump Truck ... Dickie Volvo Dump Truck … No reviews
7 Diecast Masters 85608 Caterpillar 950M -... Diecast Masters 85608 Caterpillar 950M -… No reviews

Here we present you The best Caterpillar toys:

1. Junior Construction Vehicle Combination 80920 Caterpillar

Developing your skills while playing


Toy State 80920 Toy vehicle -...

Toy State 80920 Toy vehicle -…


With this product of 27 pieces that make up a beautiful collapsible truck, the little ones will live the fun experience of transforming the vehicle according to their creativity in the 4 different forms of exchange. It comes with a plastic screwdriver to help you in the mechanical role. A beautiful design with all the characteristic appeal of this brand. It comes in a practical plastic box with a handle for storage. It is intended for children over 3 years of age.

2. Toy Truck (36655) Toy State

Playing automated machinery control


Toy State - Toy Truck (36655)

Toy State – Toy Truck (36655)


A toy vehicle that represents a Caterpillar mechanical shovel, with a button control with various functions that will allow the child to control it and make funny sounds. This excavator also has lights that give it realism.

It has the possibility of moving in two speeds, both for forward and backward. Its characteristics and appearance will make you live an experience close to the real one. Intended for ages 3 and up.

3. Bruder 02445 CAT Caterpillar excavator shovel

Manual drive model


Bruder 02445 Cat Caterpillar - Pala ...


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Bruder 02445 Cat Caterpillar – Pala …


The development of manual skills is a very important factor in child growth, and with this 1:16 scale excavator, children will give free rein to their imagination. For greater realism and immersion in the game, parents are encouraged to allow interaction with small rocks and dirt. This model has a trigger to pull and retract its main blade while its lower blade removes the surface.

4. Retroexcavadora JCB MIDI CX 2427 Bruder

Vehicle with a great finish



Bruder-02427 JCB Toy Excavator, ...

Bruder-02427 JCB Toy Excavator, …


All the realism of backhoe loaders is present in this scale plastic model that represents the real vehicle in detail. It is made up of a front main blade and a smaller reach blade at the rear, both articulable and manipulable.

The cockpit, with steering wheel and seat resembles the real ones, and although it is small it will be seen with great enthusiasm by the child. Of great resistance and durability.

5. Asphalt compactor 02433 CAT Caterpillar Bruder

The most powerful machinery


ROLLY TOYS Bruder 02433 Cat Caterpillar...

ROLLY TOYS Bruder 02433 Cat Caterpillar…


The design of this model is so attractive that it will surely provoke in adults the desire to relive their childhood once again. A must have addition to the Caterpillar Vehicle Collection, it represents the powerful asphalt compactors that come equipped with two large rollers to flatten the surface. The child will have guaranteed entertainment with this easy-to-use toy, made with ABS plastic materials of very good quality and resistance.


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