10 Best Bubble Solutions 2020

Simply put, all kids love blowing bubbles, and there’s no reason adults can’t join in on the fun, too.

If this sounds like your family and you want to find the best bubble solution to keep the fun going, then don’t waste your money on the cheap, low-quality brands. Opt for one that is capable of producing a serious amount of bubbles that won’t pop as soon as they exit the wand!

In our guide below, we’ll highlight some of the top bubble solutions and help you understand what to look for as you compare and contrast them all.

Top 10 Bubble Solutions Comparison Table

PictureNameWand Included?PriceRating (1-5)
Wand Included?
Rating (1-5)
1. Gazillion 2 Liters Bubble SolutionYes$4.7
2. Little Kids Jelly Belly Squeeze 'n Blow Pop-Up Bubbles (Pack of 4) Yes$$$4.5
3. Gazillion Incredibubble Wand GIANT Bubbles Wand with GIANT Bubble SolutionYes$$$$4.4
4. Little Kids Fubbles No-Spill Bubble Tumbler Solution Refill Bottle with Wand - 32 Oz.Yes$$$4.4
5. Little Kids Fubbles Premium Bubble Solution, 32-Ounce Yes$$4.4
6. Bubble Thing BIG Bubble Mix - MAKES 5.4 GALLONS! - Bubbles Biggest, Costs Least! No$$$4.4
7. Pustefix Premium Bubbles Refill 8.3 fl.0z. No$$4.3
8. Darice 1021-13 Miracle Bubbles Solution Refill, 64-Ounce Bottle Colors May VaryNo$$3.9
9. Little Kids Fubbles No-Spill Bubble Tumbler, (Colors May Vary) Yes$$3.7
10. Rhode Island Novelty Bubble Bottles Assortment (12-Pack) - 2 oz Yes$$3.6

Features of a Quality Bubble Solution

Many people have attempted to make a solution at home with detergents and other soap, but they find it just isn’t the same.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you decide which bubble solution is right for your needs and budget.

  • Are Wands Included? We listed this information for you since it will help you understand whether or not you need to purchase a wand separately.

Some brands give you cheap wands that aren’t capable of creating decent bubbles yet their bubble solution is good, so keep this in mind if you’re having a hard time with the wand they provided.

Some wands come in different shapes and sizes, so if you’re looking for a more unique option, you might want to purchase some separately anyways.

  • Do You Have to Mix It or Is It Ready to Use? Keep this in mind as you’re shopping, too!

The products that you have to mix are usually concentrated and require water: this means that you’ll need a separate bucket or bottle to create your mixture in.

If you’re not interested in all of the prep work, then it is best for you to opt for a ready-to-use solution.

Beware of Dyes

Unless you enjoy taking stains out of clothing, we recommend that you avoid bubble solutions that contain dyes.

If you do plan to use them, it is probably best if you know you’ll be using the solution in a bubble machine: keep your hands, mouth and clothes free of popped bubble residue!

Top 3 Best Bubble Solution Reviews

1. Gazillion 2 Liters Bubble Solution

Gazillion Bubble products are well-known for being top dog in the industry. They like to advertise that “you will run out of breath before you run out of bubbles,” and it’s true! The 2-liter size of this bottle will keep your bubble blowing ambitions going for quite some time. Divide it among friends for everyone to share!

This “super solution” boasts producing the biggest and brightest bubbles ever. It comes with a big wand that has nine bubble holes to make the maximum amount of bubbles at one time.

It’s not flimsy like other wands, and it snaps into the cap to make it easy to dip into the bottle full of this amazing solution. You can use any other wands you may have as well.

Gazillion ships to anywhere in the U.S. It can be used for individual fun or a bubble machine; the choice is yours. This product is number one for a reason and comes highly recommended.

2. Little Kids Jelly Belly Squeeze ‘n Blow

These little bottles filled with bubble solutions are a unique find and will be cherished by whoever uses them. They come in a pack of four because there are four different Jelly Belly scents, making for quite a nice spin on your regular bubbles! The scents are Very Cherry, Berry Blue, Green Apple, and Top Banana.

Each bottle has 4.8 fl. oz. of solution. They make great party favors, just-because gifts, or something to pull out when the kids are bored. They each come with a wand that has been redesigned to be bigger and better. The bottles themselves are easy to hold for children. The recommended age of use is 3 and up.

Instead of getting hands sticky when dipping in the wand over and over again, Squeeze ‘n Blow Pop-Up Bubbles are exactly as the name implies. To make bubbles you lightly squeeze the bottle, the wand pops up, and you blow. When the bottle is released from the pressure of the squeeze, the wand goes back down, redipping itself.

3. Gazillion Incredibubble GIANT Bubbles Wand

This product comes with the one and only Gazillion bubble solution that everyone knows and loves, but with a super bonus. It makes giant bubbles! This is because a giant wand is included, and the solution has been upgraded. A tray is also included for specified use with the wand. All of these inclusions are extremely well-designed.

The bubble solution bottle contains 16 oz. of bubbly fun. Pour some in the tray, dip the wand, and wave it around for the biggest bubbles you’ve ever seen. The bubble solution formula is very high quality.

It’s not just for kids either. Adults can just as easily be entertained and have lots of fun. Go slow with the giant wand to ensure best results, and keep in mind that you can also use any other wands you may have.

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