Top 5 Best bubble machines for unforgettable parties


Let’s be honest, we all like bubbles. Those tiny soap bubbles that move through the air in a funny way, make us remember our childhood.

Personally, I enjoy the parties in which the best bubble machine takes me back to those days when everything was bliss and happiness.

If you are thinking of giving a touch of excitement to your nephew’s birthday or your cousin’s marriage, then don’t hesitate, this is the best option.

Within this review you will be able to find various brands, sizes and models so that you can choose what best suits your particular needs. So kick back and get ready to enjoy some amazing soapy bubbles!

Best Bubble Machines

# Preview Product Assessment
1 EXTSUD Bubble Machine for Children, ... EXTSUD Bubble Machine for Children, … No reviews
2 Fansteck Foam Machine, Bubble ... Fansteck Foam Machine, Bubble … No reviews
3 PANACARE Soap bubble machine ... PANACARE Soap bubble machine … No reviews
4 Baztoy Bubble Machine, Pendant & ... Baztoy Bubble Machine, Pendant & … No reviews
5 TangTag Bubble Machine ... TangTag Bubble Machine … No reviews
6 KIDWILL Portable Bubble Machine ... KIDWILL Portable Bubble Machine … No reviews
7 apiker Bubble Machine for Children ... apiker Bubble Machine for Children … No reviews

What is the best bubble machine?

Whether you have decided to have a bubble machine at home to use at large events or small parties, I must tell you that you have made the right decision.

In the comparison that you will see below, you will see some of the best machines on the market that will leave you on a pedestal with your guests.

Here are  the best bubble machines: 

1. Beamz B2500 bubble machine 

With 2 powerful blowers


BEAMZ 160569 B2500 Bubble machine ...

BEAMZ 160569 B2500 Bubble machine …


With this bubble machine you can produce big bubbles thanks to its 2 powerful blowers. It has a wireless remote control or remote control , you can connect it to the current thanks to its power cable and it works at 30 revolutions per minute thanks to its high-performance motor.

It is very affordable, you can fill even the largest spaces and thanks to its slight inclination, they will be shot into the air and remain suspended for longer.

2. HQ Power bubble machine 

With disco effect


Générique HQ Power - Machine for...

Générique HQ Power – Machine for…


If you don’t want to settle for a traditional bubble machine, this bubble machine is perfect for you. It will produce beautiful globules with a disk effect, its consumption of bubble solution is ± 0.33 L / h, it is compact so you can take it anywhere and weighs only 3.2Kg.

It has been widely recommended by buyers who already have it and its operation is so simple that you and your guests will enjoy an unforgettable evening to the fullest.

3. Showlite BM-60 

With non-slip feet


Showlite BM-60 bubble machine with ...

Showlite BM-60 bubble machine with …


With this little bubble machine you will finally be able to find the fun you craved so much at birthday parties, weddings and other special events.

It has a very powerful blower for up to 6m² of expulsion, its motor will give you a uniform rotation of approximately 20-24 revolutions per minute, it has a remote control and it has non-slip feet.

It is cheaper than most, you can mount it on the wall or on the ceiling and it weighs only 2.9Kg.

4. UKing bubble machine 

Generates thousands of bubbles per minute


Portable Bubble Machine, UKing ...

Portable Bubble Machine, UKing …


It only takes a little imagination and a few bubbles to make a party a real show.

Thanks to its high-speed fan, the pumps will rise quickly, creating a beautiful atmosphere, its high-performance motor will rotate to generate thousands of bubbles per minute, its operation is stable, reliable, and it comes with arduino.

You can control this bubble machine in a simple way, it has a detachable handle , it is light, portable and easy to use.

5. Theefun bubble machine

With silent motor


Theefun Soap Bubble Machine ...

Theefun Soap Bubble Machine …


Thanks to its enormous output, this bubble machine will give you even 500 bubbles per minute , with an improved design and high performance motor that is completely silent, has protection for the fuse and you can use it outdoors, but do not forget the  sunscreen for skin care for the kids to playing outdoors, or even use it in closed spaces, being a safe option.

It is much cheaper than some similar models, its construction material is resistant and easy to clean, you can take it wherever you want thanks to its lightness and you can also use it with a homemade solution mixture.

What is a bubble machine?

The soap bubble machine is a novel mechanism that produces effects

of continuous bombs, bubbles or bubbles and many times of colors . It can be switched on and off via cable, but it will always be on by default when it is first placed.

The bubbles are purely visual, have no functional effect and can be produced infinitely at no cost. Each one is a random size and color that can be pink, purple, green, or blue.

Tools and supplies

Some of the tools and materials that you will need to make your own bubble machine are the following:

  • Tray

This will serve to retain the solution from the pumps. It has to be waterproof and not too shallow, that’s all.

  • Ring

You will need a ring of holes that will slowly rotate through the channel collecting the solution. As it rises out of the channel, the holes will pass before a blower forms them.

  • Movement

A motor that moves slowly to turn the ring. A continuous servo will be perfect for this.

  • Blower

Something with a little air will force the liquid in the pump out of the holes in the ring, thus creating the wonderful bubbles. For this, you can use a 12V centrifugal fan with high speed .

  • Power

One or two automatic power sources for the blower and spinner. You will also need nuts, bolts, hot glue, or super glue to hold it all together.

  • Assembly

Screw the servo to the chute with two M4 bolts and nuts. The AA battery holder should be hot glued to the tray and the servo cables should be soldered and insulated.

You will need to screw the soap bubble ring to the servo with 4 self tapping screws. Notice how close to the bottom of the bucket it must be to collect all the liquid. Glue the centrifugal fan to the back, aiming for the holes in the ring.

Check where it has to point before sticking it, so you can get the best bubbles. For testing, you can use a desktop power supply.

  • Functioning

Many may see this as a party project to entertain a young child, but the truth is that adults really enjoy building it.

A 12V cordless drill battery, made a great portable power supply for the machine; they are readily available and can be easily recharged.

The foam solution I used was 1/2 dishwasher and 1/2 water, as the original professional soap measure ran out very quickly. This 50:50 mix worked great, although some people recommend a tablespoon full of glycerin as well.

About bubble machines


The design of these types of children’s soap bubble machines is quite simple and hasn’t changed much since the first ones were released. Each of them contains four components:

  • Tank

This is the largest component. It consists of a waterproof tank, usually made of plastic, where the solution is stored in the pump machine.

  • Motor

The motor is generally mounted on top of the tank and drives the electric fan. Depending on the model, it may be battery-operated for wireless operation   or it may require power from a wall outlet.

  • Fan

The small electric fan is driven by the motor. As it spins, it pushes the solution from the bubbles through a small hole in the end of the machine. The stronger ones will produce a greater number of bombs per use.

  • Rod disc

The wand disc rests in front of the fan. The bottom of the disk is dipped into the tank solution and the top is aligned with the hole in the machine.

This will then rotate to allow air to pass through the rod. As this happens, the bubble solution will be trapped and stretched to form the bombs.

Different discs can be purchased to create globules of different sizes and quantities.

Types of bubble machines

There are different types of soap bubble machines, it all depends on what you have in mind.

A person looking to buy one for a small birthday may have different needs than someone who intends to get multiple uses for it.

These are generally divided into business and personal types. Within these types, other differences may separate specific models.

Personal models are generally smaller and are often made to produce children’s bubbles. These generally only contain small amounts of solution and are less expensive than commercial models.

Commercial machines are a better option for people who want to do great outdoor or disco events . They are usually larger and the reservoir will contain more solution.

They also have stronger, high-performance motors and are built to withstand a lot of use. Depending on the model, they can also have special effects with lights or smoke and even music, which can accompany the soap bubbles.

One of the best ways to determine what to purchase is to consider the volume of bubbles required for an event. If a buyer wants to fill a large space, such as a sports stadium or dance hall, it will need to be larger and stronger.

If the goal is simply to create pumps for a single indoor room or for casual outdoor use, a smaller model will suffice.

Other Considerations When Buying a Bubble Machine

Once the type and size have been decided, there are several additional items to consider:

  • Power supply

Battery powered models are more portable and can be used anywhere. On the other hand, they may also be underpowered and may not perform well in a large space. It is important to consider where the soap bubble machine will be used when choosing your power source.

  • Special effects

A buyer must decide whether any additional effects are desirable. These special effects will have an impact on the price and may not be necessary for all consumers, but they are a nice feature for people who intend to use it for large events.

  • Ease of cleaning

Many bubble machines are simply built and don’t require a lot of maintenance, but some models may require cleaning from time to time. Those that cannot be disassembled, such as those that are housed in a plastic casing, can be difficult to clean or repair.

  • Disk options

Most come with a single disc and some will have more to perform various effects. Depending on this, you may want to take home a model with one or more types of discs.

Bubbles: They’re not just for kids


These fun gadgets are a popular choice for kids’ outdoor birthday parties and other events like weddings and graduations as they are able to create an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment.

If you wish, you can purchase devices that produce soap bubbles with fragrances, colors and flavors.

How to choose the right bubble making machine?

The first question you will have to answer is for what purpose will you use the device. If you have a small event like your daughter’s birthday in mind, then something smaller, like a children’s bubble machine, will suit you perfectly.

Also think about the different energy sources, the ease of setting up the machine and its mobility. Remember also that the issue of maintenance is of vital importance.

What people say about bubble machines

KIDWILL Portable Bubble Machine ...

Some of the talking points among buyers are as follows:

  • That the bubble machine is powered by battery or AC current
  • That its components are functional
  • Let the motor of the bubble making machine make as little noise as possible
  • That the remaining bubble solution can be drained
  • Make it profitable
  • That the bubble solution is of good quality
  • Long-lasting build quality
  • That the engine is good and that it works properly

Benefits of a bubble machine

  • Memorable moments

Soap bombs never fail to make anyone’s day. These bubble machines can create tons of them in just one minute and with this you can create many memorable moments with your family or friends.

  • Convenience

Not only creating the memorable moments is important! These bubble machines can also be used to decorate scenery. They are compact, portable and also very simple to operate.

How much does a bubble machine cost?

The price of a bubble machine can vary depending on the model, manufacturing materials and size, in general, they start around 13 euros, for the little ones, being bubble machines for children. Larger machines, used at parties or other events, start at $ 20 and can cost up to $ 60 for professional options.

Where to buy a bubble machine?

This will depend on the type of bubble machine you are looking for. If they are for shows or use in events, you can take a look at the places that sell DJ equipment, such as, keep in mind that they are much more expensive options, as they are not dedicated to use by children.

If what you are looking for is a soap bubble machine at home, with your little ones, the best thing is that you go to portals such as Amazon , where you can find very simple models, with fun designs and created for children, as well as a good catalog of professional models, if that’s what you really need.

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