The 8 Best Boards For Children With Which They Can Draw, Play And Learn At Home


Blackboards are a traditional toy that does not go out of style because it is a perfect ally at home for children to learn while having fun. For this reason, we make a comparative list that includes the best options on the market and with a wide variation in cost, you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

In addition to being educational, they are special for developing fine motor skills, which must be stimulated at an early age so that children can achieve full and complete development at school. Creativity is another element that they can explore and exploit to incredible levels.

Almost all of them bring figures of letters and numbers as accessories, so that in a short time they can memorize and draw them with great ease. It is recommended to buy them for children from 3 years old. Most are unisex so you can choose them as a gift this Christmas.

Best Blackboards For Kids

# Preview Product Assessment
1 WOOMAX - 2 in 1 Children's blackboard for ... WOOMAX – 2 in 1 Children’s blackboard for … No reviews
2 WOOMAX - Children blackboard, Blackboard ... WOOMAX – Children blackboard, Blackboard … 254 Opinions
3 iLight Children's Magic Blackboard ... iLight Children’s Magic Blackboard … No reviews
4 WOOMAX - Wooden easel blackboard ... WOOMAX – Wooden easel blackboard … No reviews
5 SGILE Children's Magnetic Board, ... SGILE Children’s Magnetic Board, … 1,285 Reviews
6 Innedu Children's Painting Easel, 2 in 1 ... Innedu Children’s Painting Easel, 2 in 1 … No reviews
7 Fajiabao Children's Magnetic Board ... Fajiabao Children’s Magnetic Board … No reviews

Here we present you the best whiteboards for kids:

1. Whiteboard with desk (28112) Smoby

Fantastic, modern and multifunctional


Smoby PUPITRE Madera MODULO Space, Color...

Smoby PUPITRE Madera MODULO Space, Color…


We present you a beautiful and modern multifunctional blackboard in which your children can have fun while they learn. As it has an acrylic and chalk surface, the little ones will be able to take advantage of their creativity and imagination. Because it is foldable, it can be used vertically or horizontally, that is, as a table or table. Bring a bench for convenience, plus a marker, colored chalk, and letter molds.

2. Pedestal Easel (11282) Melissa & Doug

A three in one



Melissa & Doug- Slate Double Easel ...


873 Opinions

Melissa & Doug- Slate Double Easel …


You will love this wonderful easel because it will allow your child to make wonderful creations by drawing, coloring or painting. The good thing is that it is foldable and on each side it has an area to work in chalk or marker. In the middle you can place a roll of paper and each sheet can be adjusted to the desired size. It has on each side trays for the materials and four clips that will hold the paper when it is going to be used.

3. Splash board with adjustable feet (J09611) Janod

Sensational and fun


Janod - Splash blackboard made of ...

Janod – Splash blackboard made of …


Fabulous board to imagine and create. In its installation you only have to unfold it and adjust the tray that goes in the middle, where you can order all the accessories. At the top there is a roll of white paper that children can use if they want to use watercolors. On the one hand the white board is for writing with a marker and on the other with chalk. Includes all materials for strokes and figures without limit.

4. Children’s 2-in-1 Blackboard Deluxe Leomark

Promoting small artists


Leomark De Luxe 2 in 1 Blackboard ...

Leomark De Luxe 2 in 1 Blackboard …


There are 180 pieces that will allow your child to make countless drawings that will allow him to exploit his creativity. It folds and adjusts the height so that children can use it without any impediment. It is very complete because it includes a set of markers, chalk, a couple of erasers, letters, figures and magnetic numbers. The middle tray is removable in case you want to store and very wide to organize each of the accessories.

5. Wooden board (44112) Cra-Z-Art

It’s unisex


CRA-Z-ART - 3 in 1 Slate Wood ...


43 Reviews

CRA-Z-ART – 3 in 1 Slate Wood …


Remember that blackboards are creative and fun toys that allow the little ones to express all their imagination, in addition to learning and developing their fine motor skills when playing. That is why this brand offers you the possibility for the child to make drawings with markers, chalk, wax crayons, wood or watercolor. It is perfect for those who are starting at school because they can learn to manipulate the different writing tools.

6. Blackboard with 2-in-1 desk (11072) MOLTO

For girls


M VERY Pupitre Infantil with Pizarra 2 ...

M VERY Pupitre Infantil with Pizarra 2 …


This sensational blackboard can be turned by your daughter into a beautiful desk to carry out her tasks at home. Vertically you can make strokes with colored markers and when placed horizontally, you will have a firm support for writing or coloring. Bring a comfortable stool that you can roll onto and store wherever you want. It is ideal for girls and as a gift it brings some cute stickers to decorate the board to your liking.

7. Magnetic and chalk wood blackboard (42149) ColorBaby

With funny abacus and clock


WOOMAX- Magnetic Wooden Blackboard and ...

WOOMAX- Magnetic Wooden Blackboard and …


It is ideal to recreate the classroom on your floor. Although it does not allow its folding, you can place it in a small area for your children to carry out their assignments, play and have fun with this wooden board. Many parents like it because in addition to drawing, they have the option to learn to read the time with the included clock, in addition to performing mathematical calculations using the abacus. Bring markers, chalk and an eraser.

8. Leomark magnetic wooden board

Quality and affordable


Leomark Magnetic Wooden Blackboard 2 ...

Leomark Magnetic Wooden Blackboard 2 …


It is light and practical when folding and unfolding. Some buyers object to its lack of security seals but others consider that their children can handle it safely. The dark chalk area displays the alphabet, numbers and clock, so each day is fun and academic at the same time. Comes with markers, box of white and colored chalk, erasers and a bag of magnetic letters to build numerous sentences.

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