The 6 best board games for adults


Few things exceed the experience of enjoying a moment of healthy fun with family and friends, so today we want to talk to you about the best board game for adults , a classic and ideal alternative for a night of shared recreation without having to leave your home.

We must find a balance between fulfilling our responsibilities and enjoying moments of relaxation, if we can balance these two principles it will be easier to lead a full and harmonious life.

Since the beginning of history, human beings have tried to have moments of pleasure and fun, board games are born with man and history supports him, in the ruins of ancient Egypt the first game board known to man has been found , was baptized with the name ” Senet “.

Many connoisseurs assure that the first card game in history was born in China , about 1000 years before Christ, which shares similarities with the dominoes that we know today.

Although the story can be captivating but currently we live in a world where entertainment is almost completely linked to technology, many enjoy playing from mobile, computer, tablet or directly interacting with digital game stations, however, we know that There are many individuals out there who share, like us, a special love for classic and traditional board games, which is why our article today is dedicated to you.

The best board games for adults

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2 Game Off - The Duel Battalion Head to ... Game Off – The Duel Battalion Head to …
3 Without Words - Zenagame - Board Game ... Without Words – Zenagame – Board Game …
4 Diset - Escape Room the game, Juego de... Diset – Escape Room the game, Juego de…
5 Glop Mimika - Mimic Game - Games ... Glop Mimika – Mimic Game – Games …
6 GUATAFAC - Board game - Game of ... GUATAFAC – Board game – Game of …
7 Devir - Exit: The Abandoned Cabin, Ed .... Devir – Exit: The Abandoned Cabin, Ed ….

What is the best board game for adults?

In the current market you can find a great variety of board games for adults, there are so many and so different that one of them will surely catch your attention.

How not to love them? If they have entertained man for centuries of history, adapting to any age, helping us to work as a team, to learn new knowledge and strategies, developing our motor skills, memory, self-esteem, concentration, giving us a lot of benefits and good experiences. to remember.

To help you choose the one that best suits your interests and personality, we have prepared a selection with the best 6 options, a comparative list so that you have all the pertinent information at your fingertips before making the choice.

Here are  the best board games for adults :

1. Catan Adult Board Game



Devir - Catan, board game - Language ...

Devir – Catan, board game – Language …


Catan shows the user a universe inspired by medieval history, the board represents an island full of natural resources and the players are the settlers of said territory.

Players will have to face the challenge of establishing a first settlement, exploiting the island’s resources, to make it grow, transforming it into a town and later, if luck is with you, into a city.

It is a game that perfectly balances strategy and chance, the game has an estimated duration of 75 minutes and can be played by 3 or 4 people, the general opinion of the user community is that Catan is one of the most popular board games fun and exciting that you can find.

It was a game originated for the first time in Germany and since its creation it has sold more than 2 million copies worldwide, as it is an affordable fun option for everyone, positioning itself as one of the favorites.

2. Hasbro Risk Strategy Board Game


The popular board game is manufactured by the Hasbro brand, it is inspired by the great conquests of territory worldwide, its board presents you with the opportunity to plan strategies, face battles and dominate the world.

When you buy it, you will be taking home an excellent quality board, in which the number of players from 2 to 5 at a time, each one will have 1 army, which includes: 12 cavalry soldiers, 8 artillery soldiers and 40 infantry soldiers In addition, the game comes equipped with 56 decks, including 12 cards with special missions and 5 dice.

There are three different modes of play, so that you can always have fun, one of them is designed for beginners, it consists of a short and entertaining game so that you learn and put into practice your conquest tactics, another mode is designed for expert players and for Lastly, a face-to-face mode, designed only for 2 players, to measure their strength, strategies and intelligence when the objective is to dominate the world.

3. Perplexus Original Adult Fun Game


Games 6022078 When in doubt Original -...

Games 6022078 When in doubt Original -…


If you are looking for a super original and fun game, designed so that both adults and the smallest of the family can enjoy it, from 6 years onwards, as it will help them develop motor skills, concentration and perseverance.

The design presents us with the structure of a labyrinth within a transparent sphere, our objective will be to move a small metallic marble through obstacles and intricate passages, it has 3 phases, each one presents the player with a higher difficulty level.

It is provided with a beautiful and striking multicolored design, and it is also quite light since its total weight only reaches 340 grams. By playing it and reaching the goal, you will be overcoming more than 100 obstacles that go through the 3D maze presents, it is very entertaining and the greatest benefit of all is that you will be training your coordination, while having fun.

4. Board games for adults Who is who? Extra



Hasbro Gaming Who's Who Extra ...

Hasbro Gaming Who’s Who Extra …


It is an electronic version of the classic game who’s who? Where the purpose will be to discover who your opponent’s secret character is through questions.

The game presents us with a wide and diverse range of characters to choose from, in addition this version comes with 2 game modes, the classic and traditional way known to all, plus another mode where you can add the time factor, a timer of lights that reduces the response time of each round.

The game presents us with a very practical and simple design when it comes to storing the components, it is light and takes up little space, therefore you can take it anywhere, when you are traveling on vacation or when you decide to take them to the house of family and friends, it works With AAA batteries, it is provided with fun music and sound effects that enliven the whole experience for the little ones in the home.

It is cheap and of good quality, if you decide on it, you will be acquiring a game of great educational value, since when playing it children improve their skills in mathematics, writing, reading and spatial vision.

5. Classic Monopoly board game


Monopoly Hasbro Gaming - Board Game ...

Monopoly Hasbro Gaming – Board Game …


One of the most popular and best board games ever, Monopoly is the ruler of all family games and also the least expensive game in our selection.

The objective of the game is to acquire, sell and negotiate properties that the board presents you until you acquire all the available streets, leading to the ruin of your opponents.

It is a strategy board game, players 2 to 8, therefore, it becomes the perfect alternative to enjoy with friends and family.

If you decide to buy this board game, you will be getting the classic version of the game for a low price, but with an extra, since it includes a new token for players with the figure of the cat, it also comes equipped with a board of high quality, a set of tickets of different nominations, house, hotels and of course the decks with the specific information of each property.

6. Dixit adult board game 



Libellud Dixit original - Board game, ...

Libellud Dixit original – Board game, …


It is an original and imaginative board game, in Dixit, players are challenged with creative descriptions of the hidden cards , after deciphering which description may be correct, they will vote to find out which card matches the description, earning points for their game if they get it right.

Each game lasts between 30 minutes and an hour, and the number of players is 3 and the maximum is 6.

This is not just a board game, it is also a work of art, as it offers the player unique decks, with beautiful illustrations to serve as a source of inspiration.

Dixit also has a great educational value, when playing it it is necessary to let your imaginative capacity fly, it is perfect for those who have some difficulty in reading comprehension or to overcome language barriers, since it does not include the reading of texts

The game comes complete with a board, voting tokens, and 84 illustrated cards.

Board games for adults, beyond entertainment

It is true that there is a general conception about fun board games, although they are camouflaged as a simple and healthy mode of entertainment, they are much more than this.

Board games are deeply related to mental acuity, comprehension ability, quick response to stimuli and strategic thinking, all cognitive skills that will be strengthened when playing in front of the board, however, it is worth highlighting the valuable role that they fulfill in the motor and cerebral development of the children .

Many board games favor the development and control of motor skills in younger children, since it conditions them to work on muscular control in the hands and arms while simultaneously reinforcing the coordination between sight and hand movement.

Shared board games will help your child to develop communication skills, a good aptitude for teamwork and deal with the resolution of obstacles and challenges from an early age, giving them a feeling of independence and self-confidence, play a game The table can be the perfect occasion to teach your children how to deal constructively with loss, further strengthening their emotional and social skills.

If you want to give your child something that amuses him and at the same time contributes to his integral development as a person, the best option you can choose will be a board game, they continue to set the standard in meetings between family and friends, without going out of style, no It does not matter how old they are with you, in addition, when the time comes they will be an excellent inheritance to leave to your grandchildren.

10 Benefits of board games

Spending a little time having fun sharing your favorite board game with family or friends can bring countless benefits to your health.

These games are much more than just fun, so dust off the ones you already have at home or go and buy the one that captivates you the most, you will not only be having a good time and creating pleasant memories, you will also be giving balance and well-being to your life.

Information is power! For this reason we create for you a selection with 10 benefits of board games :

  • Have fun and feel good

Diset - Party & Co Extreme 3.0 - Game ...

When you are having a good time, your body releases the hormones of happiness, those known as endorphins, are neurotransmitters that have analgesic capacities and that predispose you to an optimistic and positive emotional state so that you connect harmoniously with those you love, smile and having fun with friends and family will always be healthy.

  • Family time

Sometimes, we get caught up in the routine and responsibilities of the days, relegating a little the quality time that we share as a family, we invite you to break this pattern, sharing a board game can be the perfect occasion to spend time with your friends. loved ones reinforcing the ties that bind them.

  • Cognitive and memory skills

Cluedo Age: From 8 years

It is important to train our brain to keep it healthy in the long term, board games are an excellent option to achieve this, no matter how old you are, they will come in handy for children to develop and strengthen their motor and cognitive skills; while for older adults they can become the perfect tool to train memory and mental acuity, preventing diseases.

  • Reduce the risk of mental illness

This is probably the best benefit that board games offer you, by playing them frequently you will be reducing the risk of suffering from mental illness when you reach an older age, exposing yourself to mental challenges will keep your brain awake and healthy.

  • Lowers blood pressure

The endorphins that your body releases when you have fun, grant excellent benefits to your entire body, thanks to them your muscles relax and blood circulates freely, therefore blood pressure will be regulated, lowering to the appropriate levels, to avoid risk. of suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

  • Speed ​​up your responses to stimuli

Mattel Games Scrabble original, juegos...

Scientific studies have proven how people who have a good time playing board or digital games have a much faster response reaction than the rest of the population.

  • Reduce stress

Stress is a silent enemy, which has a negative and profound impact on your health and well-being, it must be fought correctly, board games are one of the healthiest and most efficient alternatives in this matter, since it is a tool simple and within everyone’s reach to relax and enjoy.

  • Strengthen your immune system

Experiencing positive feelings of joy, empathy and love is an excellent method to strengthen your immune system, board games give you the opportunity to awaken all these feelings by sharing a good moment with your loved ones, so the next time you feel a bit of a cold, dust off your favorite game and have some fun.

  • Help in the development of children

Board games play a very valuable educational role in the integral formation of children , since they not only help in the development of mental skills, but also present the perfect opportunity for children to strengthen communication, social and emotional skills.

  • Therapeutic Treatments

Board games are an excellent therapeutic tool, in children, older adults and people who suffer from a physical or mental disability, through them they can improve and develop basic motor skills, coordination, spatial and visual intelligence. They are the ideal instrument to revive the nervous and muscular functions of our organism.

Where to buy board games for adults?

From a small neighborhood store that even sells newspapers and magazines, you can have some but if you need a lot of variety, go to large shopping centers such as Carrefour, El Corte Inglés or Alcampo.

One of the internet sites with the most variety of cooperative, competitive and fun games is on Amazon , with the advantage that it reaches your door in a short time.


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