Top 10 Best Black Panther Toys for Boys and Girls


Has the great Marvel hit of the year been released and your children are asking you the best Black Panther Toys available in the offer? Well, you should not worry, manufacturers already have to do comparative of models.

In fact, the fever is such that you can already find for to buy from the model plus cheap even one of the highest range, everything is a matter of taste. For a few euros you will also find one affordable that you meet your expectations.

My boys were also fascinated with the warrior T’Challa and his friends. Taking into account that I will have to buy the characters for a girl of 12 and one of 10 and another of 14, I will have to go with him. less expensive.

Best Black Panther Toys

1Avengers Titan Hero Movie Black Panther...Avengers Titan Hero Movie Black Panther…No reviews
2Avengers Figure Titan With Accessories ...Avengers Figure Titan With Accessories …No reviews
3Marvel Avengers Titan Hero Series -...Marvel Avengers Titan Hero Series -…No reviews
4Avengers - Black Panther Figura, Negro,...Avengers – Black Panther Figura, Negro,…No reviews
5Rubies 641046-M Avengers Black Panther -...Rubies 641046-M Avengers Black Panther -…No reviews
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7Hasbro Marvel Mega Mighties, Black...Hasbro Marvel Mega Mighties, Black…705 Opinions

Here we present you Best Black Panther Toys:

1. Captain America’s Black Panther warrior mask

A striking and realistic costume


Captain America Civil War Black Panther...

Captain America Civil War Black Panther…


This manufacturer has put at your disposal this mask made of resistant material with the deadly claw so that you are on the same wavelength as your new favorite superhero. It comes with the claw Of attack.

2. LEGO Black Panther Buildable Set

Guaranteed entertainment and creativity


LEGO Super Heroes Black Panther Pursuit…


The Mark Lego brings a pack of the various superheroes, which includes this mythical warrior and others, the game includes pieces to assemble airplanes, vehicles and other accessories of the Marvel warriors.

3. Black Panther PVC Figure by Diamond Select

A collectible warrior


Marvel Black Panther Figure Comics ...

Marvel Black Panther Figure Comics …


Measuring 6 x 9 inches, the manufacturer Diamod Select brings you this realistic figure of the T’Challa of Wakanda crouching on a street. An article that will serve you both to play and as a collection.

4. Hasbro Black Panther Doll

With more than 20 phrases and sound effects


Black Panther Claws of Attack (Hasbro ...

Black Panther Claws of Attack (Hasbro …


Once again the manufacturer Hasbro puts at your fingertips these striking figures of Marvel heroes, this time it is Black Panther with claws and electronic arms with which you will have a lot of fun.

5. Marvel’s Black Panther Mask

Fits any face


Marvel Captain America: Civil War ...

Marvel Captain America: Civil War …


Inspired by the movie and with flexible bands that allow it to adapt to any type of face, this T’Challa mask is the perfect complement that your boy needs to play super heroes.

6. Nakia Doll from Black Panther by Hasbro

Striking tough and robust warrior


Black Panther- Figura Legends Marvels...

Black Panther- Figura Legends Marvels…


The Wakanda warrior, in a version endowed with great realism and with a replacement costume, is also ready for you to add to your Marvel collection. Exhibits good quality in your materials.

7. Marvel’s Black Panther doll

Articulated and high-performance


Marvel E1572 - Action figure of ...

Marvel E1572 – Action figure of …


The action figures Marvel are already at your disposal in any of its forms. This one from the Black Panther is articulate and will make your boy cool when it comes to playing with colleagues.

8. Black Panther Erick Killmonger Doll by Hasbro

The enemy of the warrior


Marvel Action Figure Erik ...

Marvel Action Figure Erik …


If you are willing to collect all the figures from one of Marvel’s most transcendental comic series, such as Black Panther, you cannot forget his staunch enemy, without him you will be incomplete.

9. Black Panther Figure by Funko Pop

Of collection


Funko Pop! - Marvel Black Panther:...

Funko Pop! – Marvel Black Panther:…


The manufacturer Funko has its audience, even more so when it is dedicated to bringing out the market miniature replicas of all the figures from the fantastic world of cinema. This time he brings you to the T’Challa.

10. Black Panther Erick Killmonger figure by Funko Pop

To complete the figures



Funko Pop! - Marvel Black Panther:...

Funko Pop! – Marvel Black Panther:…


If you already have Funko’s Black Panther, the most recommended is that you also take home his enemy warrior, the evil Killmonger. They are striking and collectible pieces that stand out anywhere.

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