The 10 Best Batman Toys That Will Make Adults And Boys Live Adventures


The classic masked hero is more current than ever, with the constant release of movies and animated series that focus on the history of this DC Comics character. We will always find its presence in the main requests of children and collectors, that is why we bring the best Batman toys on the current market.

Its fascinating plot, full of both allied and antagonistic characters, give rise to the creation of allegorical products in each installment, ranging from realistic models to figures closer to cartoons. The vehicles, the famous Batcave, as well as the creative weapons it sports, serve as an inspiring muse to manufacturers, who fill the shelves and specialized websites with attractive options.

In this comparison we will show some of the main alternatives of good quality and a lot of popularity, which you can give away this season to fill children eager for great adventures in Gotham City with excitement.


Best Batman Toys

# Preview Product Assessment
1 DC Comics Batman, Action Figure ... DC Comics Batman, Action Figure … No reviews
2 Batman, Batman Action Figure ... Batman, Batman Action Figure … No reviews
3 Bizak DC Comics Radio Control Batmovil... Bizak DC Comics Radio Control Batmovil… No reviews
4 Imaginext DC Batmóvil transformable con... Imaginext DC Batmóvil transformable con… No reviews
5 Imaginext DC Batcueva Bat Tech House ... Imaginext DC Batcueva Bat Tech House … No reviews
6 Fisher-Price Imaginext - Playset de... Fisher-Price Imaginext – Playset de… No reviews
7 Bizak Batman Batmobile + Batman Figure ... Bizak Batman Batmobile + Batman Figure … No reviews

Here we present you best batman toys:

1. Batman plane apr160436 “Batwing Animated Series”

Realistic ship


Batman Toy Batiala Series ...

Batman Toy Batiala Series …


If you are a collector of unique pieces from this animated series, you will find in this toy the perfect addition. The scale model with great attention to detail is based on the iconic flight system employed by Batman, maintaining its distinctive line and design. We recommend adding its two main figures, to recreate the fighting scenarios of its protagonists. Its dimensions of 63.5 x 15.2 x 94 cm will give it an eye-catching look in any room.

2. LEGO Batman – Intruders in the Batcave (70909)

Four versions in one


Batman Lego Figures Intruders in the ...

Batman Lego Figures Intruders in the …


The ideal marriage between classic Batman theme and LEGO assembly ingenuity. It includes Bruce Wayne, his faithful servant Alfred and his famous arch enemy “The Penguin” along with two feathery helpers, as well as 4 versions of the superhero in different costumes. You will have hours of guaranteed fun with all the elements of the batcave and the aquatic action in the vehicles of both opponents. A perfect gift to develop creativity.

3. Batcueva Transformable de Batman (Mattel DNF93) Imaginext

Fun with greater safety


Imaginext Batman, Batcueva...

Imaginext Batman, Batcueva…


A toy aimed at the little ones, recommended for ages 3 and up. It consists of a large-scale recreation of the batcave, with which children will be able to interact, disassembling the pieces and turning their platform to unfold their ensemble. Its material is resistant and its dimensions give it security. It has the figures of Batman and the evil Joker, as well as a series of weapons with which they will live great adventures.

4. LEGO DUPLO – The Adventure of the Batcave (10919)

Practical and functional


LEGO 10919 Duplo Super Heroes Batcueva,...

LEGO 10919 Duplo Super Heroes Batcueva,…


This simple model is perfect for children between 2 and 5 years old. It has easily assembled but colorful pieces, staging the fight between Batman and Joker. You will enjoy watching the evil villain escape while our hero pursues him aboard his Batmobile. It also has a wall and comes with a Robin toy, all with the alternative of assembling the LEGO elements. Use with adult supervision.

5. LEGO Batman – Creature (70908)

Elaborate arming system


LEGO Batman - Creature (70908)

LEGO Batman – Creature (70908)


Enjoy the experience of watching this elaborate monstrous figure take shape as you fit its pieces together. The modern design is remarkable in this LEGO launch, which also has 6 smaller figures among which we find: Batman, Commissioner Gordon and his daughter Barbara and young Dick Grayson. They are accompanied by the villains The Joker and the evil Poison Ivy, all equipped with powerful weapons to complement the battles.

6. Motorcycle with Batman design (14863) Molto

Fun on two wheels


VERY | Moto Correpasillos Cross Batman ...

VERY | Moto Correpasillos Cross Batman …


So that children feel like their admired hero, comes this little motorcycle that they can drive for great adventures. Its design evokes the aesthetics of Batman vehicles, with the distinctive bat logo. The wheels are made of highly resistant plastic. It comes in different colors to choose from. The little ones propel themselves using their legs, which stimulates their motor skills while also having fun. Ideal for ages 3 and up.

7. Batmóvil (Mattel DHY29)

Futuristic design


Batman-DHY29 batman Batm&ampoacutevil,...

Batman-DHY29 batman Batm&ampoacutevil,…


The movie Batman vs. Superman inspired the creation of this car that represents the model presented in theaters. With a lot of imagination you can relive the high-speed chases that the masked man carried out in each scene. In sight is its modern design, which has a projectile launcher in its front part and a cockpit that can be opened to integrate a figure. Its operation is manual, for children over 3 years old.

8. Action Figure Batman The ultimate mech (Mattel ffj10)

The power of the machine


Batman -Action figure 'Batman the ...

Batman -Action figure “Batman the …


A figure that represents the robotic version of the vigilante, based on the animated film Batman Unlimited, which reproduces sounds and lights that will make the imagination fly. With it, you will feel the power of this character when manipulating his pieces, integrating the small batmobile inside, which in turn transports the protagonist. Fire projectiles while chasing down your enemies, using the wings on the vehicle to transform it into the mighty batwing. They will certainly enjoy it.

9. Figura de Batman Justice League Action (Mattel DWM50)

Very good finish


DC Justice League BATMAN™ Figura de...

DC Justice League BATMAN™ Figura de…


Our hero arrives in this 12-inch figure, with the modern look of the DC Comics and Justice League cartoons. If you want to get more experience, we recommend getting the rest of the characters to complete the group of heroes. An epic adventure that will overwhelm the imagination in the hands of this toy made of highly resistant plastic. Watch his cape flutter in the wind as he fights evil.

10. Bat-Robot transformable Imaginext (Mattel DMT82)

Most modern robotic model


Fisher-Price Imaginext Batman, Bat-Robot...

Fisher-Price Imaginext Batman, Bat-Robot…


Villains brace yourselves, the ultimate weapon against evil has arrived! Batman will drive this great all-terrain robot, which is transformable into a powerful armored vehicle capable of crushing his greatest enemies. Its remote control allows its operation, incorporating lights and more than 40 sounds to recreate the fight against criminals. The claw is activated to hold down the villains of Gotham City. Children will live adventures of great realism.


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