The 7 Best 16 Inch Bikes For Kids To Pedal Without Stopping


If your boy is between 4 and 6 years old, I tell you that I have the best 16-inch bicycle for children . So that he can continue learning to ride a bike and have fun with this traditional toy , it is important that he has the perfect bike for him, one that adapts to his body and his size.

These bikes not only have the perfect tire size, but they also have all the other measurements that your boy needs to be the best with his bike, since they come with good handlebars, the necessary saddle height to be comfortable and of course a good brake system.

So I invite you, parents, to continue reading this article so that you learn how to give your boy the best gift, one that will make his imagination fly and will do his body very good.

Best 16 Inch Bikes For Kids

# Preview Product Assessment
1 16 'Spiderman 16 “Spiderman bike No reviews
2 BIKESTAR Children's Bicycle Aluminum ... BIKESTAR Children’s Bicycle Aluminum … No reviews
3 TOIMS Cars - Children's Bike for... TOIMS Cars – Children’s Bike for… No reviews
4 MuGuang-Bicicleta infantil de 16... MuGuang-Bicicleta infantil de 16… No reviews
5 Denver Teen Monster Ref. 2416 Bicicleta,... Denver Teen Monster Ref. 2416 Bicicleta,… No reviews
6 16 'A hard tackle from Paw Patrol Bicicleta 16″ Paw Patrol No reviews
7 RoyalBaby Children's Bicycles girl ... RoyalBaby Children’s Bicycles girl … No reviews

What is the best 16-inch bike for kids?

I know, it has been difficult for me throughout my life to choose my own bikes and, when I had to choose my first child’s, it became even more difficult. There are too many options on the market, and while you’re looking for a good quality one, you also want it to be less expensive, which can be inconvenient.

The truth is that, with the years and practice, I have become an expert in this and that is why I want to teach you everything I know about children’s bikes and also help you buy the best there is today. That is why I have prepared this comparative list that contains the 5 best models.

So go ahead, choose a bike and give your child a helmet so that they can have a great time with all the safety of high-quality bicycles.

Here are  the best 16-inch bikes for kids: 

1. 16 Inch Children’s Bicycle BIKESTAR CR-01-Mint

For adventurous boys and girls


BIKESTAR Children's Bicycle for children ...

BIKESTAR Children’s Bicycle for children …


Beautiful bike that will be perfect for girls and boys from 4 years of age, since it not only comes in this mint color design with pink details, but also in a royal blue with orange, pink or fuchsia.

Now, parents are also going to love it thanks to its double braking system, with a lifelong mechanical lever and coaster brake, something that is practically a safety requirement on every bike for children. Similarly, the steel tube frame is really stable and the steering ball bearing is quite reliable.

It is also possible to adjust the height of the saddle and handlebar, as well as its inclination, so that children will be really comfortable. It has a front basket, bell, stand and front and rear safety reflectors.

2. 16 Inch Minnie Mouse Disney Kids Bike

Has it all


Denver Srl. Disney Minnie Mouse 16...

Denver Srl. Disney Minnie Mouse 16…


This is the perfect bike to introduce girls to the world of cycling from an early age thanks to its colorful design of the most beloved mouse on television, Minnie. It has 16-inch wheels that are perfect for girls between 4 and 9 years old, as well as an aluminum frame that gives it the necessary resistance to guarantee safety when riding the bike, but also provides lightness to be able to carry it without any trouble.

It comes with stabilizers to help girls find the perfect balance and enjoy their brand new bike with confidence and safety. These little stabilizer wheels are easily removable for when the girls are fully in control of the bike.

It has a double caliper brake, front basket and bell, as well as a smaller saddle to carry a bag or even toys.

3. 16 Inch Children’s Bike from Prometheus Bicycles

Yes that’s cool!


Prometheus Children's Bike | 16...

Prometheus Children’s Bike | 16…


Don’t be fooled, it looks like a big kid’s bike, but it’s actually for your 4-6 year olds so they are sure to love it. At the same time, it has the measures and characteristics that comply with what is recommended for the safety and comfort of children of that age when pedaling.

A great advantage is that both the saddle and the handlebars are height and angle adjustable and it also has a cover for the chain. In turn, it comes with wheels, front and coaster brake, as well as reflective material and fenders.

4. Bicycle 16 ″ for girls Frozen 82DI064

For girls who love Frozen


Excellent news if your girl loves the animated movie Frozen and cute motifs, especially lilac. A very nice detail is that it comes with a cute basket on the front.

Other aspects that girls will surely love is its chain cover with a Frozen motif and the doll seat at the back, on which they can take their dolls everywhere.

It also includes a front handbrake and coaster braking system, but does not come with guide wheels or bell.

5. Girls bike 16 ″ Vermont Girly Blue 16

Ideal for girls


Vermont Girly Blue 16 - Bicicleta para...


5 Reviews

Vermont Girly Blue 16 – Bicicleta para…


For the girls, this bike is great, as it includes a very cute basket on the front, and the whole flower design and light colors are very pretty. On the other hand, it comes with a chain guard to prevent damage to the chain and fenders so that the girls do not get so dirty when going out to play.

In turn, it includes two support wheels and front and coaster brakes so that the girl has several comfortable braking mechanisms. The saddle is quite ergonomic and weighs only 11 kg.

6. 16 ”Greenway Girls’ Bike

For the most flirtatious girls


Greenway Girls 16 '' Alloy for ...

Greenway Girls 16 ” Alloy for …


It is a model that includes greater safety for the girls because it includes two handbrakes, one on the left hand side for the rear wheel and the other on the right hand side for the front wheel.

It also includes the two guide wheels on the rear rim , which are bolted on and could be removed once the child learns to balance and is comfortable enough to do so.

At the same time, it comes with a very cute cover, adjustable saddle and a bell to announce your passage anywhere.

7. Sonic Glamor girl’s bike

Light and of good quality


Bicycle for girls, Sonic Glamor, ...

Bicycle for girls, Sonic Glamor, …


Does your girl have a fondness for cheerleaders or maybe you would like her to be one? Well, this bike is decorated with them in mind, since the handlebar comes with a ribbon in the style of purple pompoms that they will surely love.

It has adjustable handlebars and saddle to adapt to your little girl as she grows, as well as a discreet chain guard. In turn, it does not come with fenders or support wheels, so I recommend it if your girl already has very good balance and does not need the support of the wheels.


Have your boys ridden bikes yet?

Parents, you already know all the excitement and freedom that you feel when riding the two wheels of a bike, so why not share this emotion with your kids?

In addition to being a fun toy for children, it is also a perfect opportunity to interact more with them and have moments that you will treasure for a lifetime.

It may be a bit scary to ride your child on a bike just like that, but I tell you that there are children’s bicycles specially designed so that they learn to handle them safely while having a lot of fun. Because we are all very clear about something: Kids love bikes!

Buy them a good quality bike and I assure you that they will fall in love with it and use it as their favorite means of transport to go to school, the park, go out with friends or even go to the beach. They may even like it so much that they dedicate themselves to cycling as a sport.

Here we will talk about the different sizes, models with or without pedals and much more.

What you should look for when buying a bike for children

Perfect, parents. Since you want to give your children all the joy and healthy exercise of being able to ride a bike, I am going to tell you those things that you should take into account before buying:


This is the most important feature before buying a bike for kids, since, if you buy one that is too big or too small, it will be difficult for the child to handle it or it could even suffer an accident. The most recommended for boys is from 12 inches to 26 for children aged 10 and over, although the latter could also be used for boys from 8 to 12 years old if they are very skilled or taller for their age.

Tire size:

Children’s bikes are usually categorized according to the diameter of the tires and can range from 12 “to 24 or 26 inches. Generally, it is recommended to use 12 ” balance bikes to learn and then move to the 14 or 16” with pedals.

Seat height:

Although each diameter is recommended for boys of various ages, the truth is that everything also depends on other aspects such as the height of the chair. That is why you should not be guided only by the diameter of the rims when choosing a bike.

The downside is that brands do not usually say the maximum or minimum height of the seats, so the best way is to test the bike with your boy and, if he does not comply, you can always return it and ask for another.

First bike with pedals:

If you are buying a child’s first pedal bike, I tell you that you will have to look for one in which it is possible for them to touch the ground with the entire sole of the foot while sitting. This is because, when learning to ride with pedals, it is important that they are able to brake quickly using their feet. This will avoid painful falls and accidents.

Upcoming bikes with pedals:

When you go to buy them the following bikes with pedals, their feet do not have to touch the ground completely. It is recommended that they can reach the ground, but only with the tips of their feet, so they can pedal more efficiently.

Head tube height:

When your boy stands on the bike without sitting on the saddle, there should be a gap of a few centimeters between the tube and the crotch. If there is no space, your little one could suffer an injury if he slips forward.


Most adult bikes are typically around 20% of an adult’s weight, while kids’ bikes can be up to half their body weight. This is a very important indicator, as if the bike is too heavy it can be difficult to handle and that can cause painful falls and accidents.

Of course, if a bike is light it must be because it has light materials and not because they have taken away important features such as the hand brakes or the tubes are too small.


The position that the child has when riding the bike is important so that he can handle it easily, without falling or losing his balance. Ideally, the bike should have a low center of gravity and a wide base, as this is the design that gives the most stability.

In turn, there must be enough space between the handlebars and the chair so that the child can move easily and without their knees colliding with it. While medium height handlebars are recommended.


Brakes are essential on every bicycle and it is important that you know that there are several types. The most recommended and popular are the handheld ones, as long as they are designed to be easy to reach by the small hands of children and have a high response capacity to stop the bike quickly.

Don’t forget to explain to children that the right-hand brake generally stops the rear tire, while the left-hand brake stops the front tire. They should always use both brakes at the same time or, if they are only going to use one, always use the right hand brake.

It is also worth mentioning that a very popular type of brake on children’s bikes is the coaster , which is used by pedaling backwards, which boys do quite naturally when they are learning to pedal. However, I do not recommend models that use only that system because they must get used to the handbrakes. After all, they are the ones who use all adult bikes.

For roads or mountains:

When the boy has already ridden the small bikes and adjusts to them, the time will come when they will touch 20 inches or more. At that point, there are other possibilities for handlebars that are more like mountain models.

Anyway, before buying one like this, have the child try it to see if it really feels comfortable and likes it, especially since the dimensions of the device begin to get larger and it may not be so easy for them to arrive with their little ones. handyman to the parking brakes.

For this reason, I always recommend that the kid test the bike before buying it.

What size do you need for your kid?

So that you have an easy guide to what are the appropriate tire diameters for each age group, I leave you the following recommended data:

  • For children 2-4 years of age: 12 inches.
  • For ages 3-5 years: 14 inches.
  • For children 4-6 years of age: 16 inches.
  • For children ages 5 to 8: 20 inches.
  • For ages 7-11: 24 inches.
  • For children 10 years and older: 26 inches.

16-inch bikes: for children 4-6 years old

These bikes are the perfect models that you were looking for for your kids from 4 to 6 years old, since they are durable, light and with all the features they need to pedal with comfort and safety.

That said, they typically come with aluminum or steel frames , V-brakes, and single-speed, although less affordable models often have disc brakes to give you more stopping power.

They also have a good head tube height to prevent injury.

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