Top 5 Barbie Houses For Girls


Since I was little I was always a fan of playing with dolls and, obviously, countless barbies, of all models, passed through my hands, which amused me for hours and hours.

Now that I have daughters, it has been impossible not to inherit this taste for these beautiful dolls and, every day, I seek to expand a little more their collection with more models and more accessories to play with that provide them with the greatest entertainment, being the best barbie house one of the first things i ever bought.

The Best Barbie Houses For Girls

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1 KidKraft 65092 Dollhouse of ... KidKraft 65092 Dollhouse of … No reviews
2 Barbie Malibu Dollhouse - Casa ... Barbie Malibu Dollhouse – Casa … No reviews
3 Barbie Dreamhouse 2021 Day and Night House ... Barbie Dreamhouse 2021 Day and Night House … No reviews
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Here are  the best Barbie houses: 

1. Barbie’s Malibu House

Two-story with elevator


Barbie - Malibu Mansion (Mattel ...

Barbie – Malibu Mansion (Mattel …


Nothing better to open this comparison than with one of the best options on the market when it comes to a dollhouse and it is the Malibu Barbie mansion , a large toy, details that are cool a lot and enough space for your children They can have fun for hours.With a bedroom, a TV room, a kitchen and a bathroom, this house, very well equipped with a large number of accessories, will allow girls and boys to stimulate their imagination during each day of play, making them more creative and developing their skills of communication, ingenuity and even mobility.

You must consider that it is a fairly large Barbie house , so a large enough play space is necessary for it to enter and there is room for them to play in a comfortable way. And to keep it you should not worry, since it closes compactly.

2. Barbie Dreamhouse

A dream mansion


Barbie Dreamhouse, dollhouse ...

Barbie Dreamhouse, dollhouse …


It is a 3-story Barbie house and a total of seven rooms in which you can fully exploit your imagination, from a kitchen, a pet room and even a beautiful large room, this house could not be more recommended as a gift and surprise the little ones at home.

Measuring 122 centimeters high and 91 wide, it is positioned among the largest Barbie house models, ideal for several children to play at the same time and have enough space.

The design of this house makes it very modern , it even has an elevator to raise the doll through the different floors it has and it is an interactive model, which, with its lights, real sounds like the toilet when operating and technology on edge, they will delight both girls and boys alike.

3. Barbie House The House of your Dreams

With a fun slide


Barbie The house of your dreams, house of ...

Barbie The house of your dreams, house of …


With eight rooms and even a swimming pool , this Barbie house is one of the most complete on the list, which also comes with a large number of accessories that will be the ideal complements in your little ones’ hours of play, with which they can imitate the things they see in their day-to-day life and let their imagination run wild.

If there is something that is very cool about this house for Barbies, it is that it has real sounds that give more dynamism and realism to the game, as well as lights that turn on and give that special touch when playing.

Your pool can be filled with water, so your girls can prepare a fun party for their dolls in the company of their friends.

Your furniture can also be transformed and multi-functional, so you will always have a new form of fun just by turning or moving it, such as your fireplace that transforms into a desk or your convertible table into a bed.

4. Vacation home Barbie Glam

Recommended minimum age of 3 years


Barbie - Glam Vacation Home


560 Opinions

Barbie – Glam Vacation Home


A Barbie house smaller and also less expensive than previous models, but this does not mean that it does not have a good quality and that it will not be able to provide the most fun to any girl, since it has different accessories included and a design that is cool a lot that will make them freak out.

It is a 2-story house and a practical size, which makes it an ideal model to take to different places, even if you go on a trip with your little one, she can pack it thanks to its extremely portable , which makes it distinguishes it from the other houses on the list.

The design of this house allows it to be folded, making its storage very simple when you stop playing and, to be honest, who doesn’t want our children to be tidy up at the end of their hours of fun? Which you can get when you buy this incredible home for your dolls.

5. Barbie Glam Getaway House Vacation Home

Portable, practical and a lot of fun!


Barbie - Glam Vacation Home ...


148 Opinions

Barbie – Glam Vacation Home …


If you are looking for a Barbie house that is cheap , but made with resistant materials that support daily play, provide great entertainment and enchant your girls with its current, beautiful and striking design, this will be your winning option, since it is the most affordable from the list and boasting exceptional quality.

A toy house designed for girls who want to take it with them wherever they go, having one of the most portable designs among all the models, it also has a total of 20 furniture and accessories with which they can play and decorate it as many times as they like. want, taking out the interior decorator that they carry inside.

What is most cool about this Barbie house is that you can fold it and carry it comfortably thanks to the built-in handle, I assure you that any girl will not want to detach from it and will be totally delighted to have a cute and glamorous vacation home for her dolls.


Guide to buying a Barbie house

A Barbie house is one of the best gifts you can give a girl, they help a lot with her development and growth, as well as stimulating different skills, among which communication and sharing, in fact, the game with dolls is also suitable for children alike.


To choose a good Barbie house that meets expectations, it is important that you take the following into account:

Style and theme:

When it comes to houses for Barbies, you will see that there are a lot of different models and designs, from beach houses, to an incredible house with many rooms and with the most luxurious details, therefore, it is convenient to know the preference of your girl and choose the model that best suits this.


The accessories may or may not come with the house you choose, ideally it always includes some that give life to the Barbie home and with which your little ones can have a lot of fun.


Depending on the model, you will also find houses with a greater or lesser amount of accessories.

Size and weight:

If you are looking for a large house or one that can be carried everywhere, it will depend on how heavy it is and its dimensions, so take the measurements into account before choosing a model.


There are age-appropriate houses, from some with simple designs and no small parts that are easy to swallow, to others that have a myriad of accessories for older girls that can play without adult supervision.


When it’s time to put everything away after playtime, you will appreciate a Barbie house that is easy to fold and store as it will take up less space in the children’s room or play area.

Interactive elements:

Do not forget that interactive toys will always be more attractive for your children, this by allowing them to be part of the game and for Barbie houses, it is convenient that these have lights and sounds that give realism when playing.


Do not forget to choose a house that is totally safe for the little ones, this includes a manufacture in materials that are not toxic, free of chemicals and substances that can be harmful.


You will have already seen the variety that can be found when looking for a Barbie house, with models that can cost up to € 400 or even find others that are around € 20, it will all be a matter of adapting your budget to the available options.


The durability of these toys will depend on the material with which they are made and as Barbie is a brand recognized for its high quality, you can be sure that the house you choose will be able to withstand the passage of time and hours of daily play very well.

Wooden or plastic?

There are houses made of different materials, but plastic and wood are the most popular and choosing between one or the other will depend on your preferences, as well as your budget.

Why choose a Barbie house?

Barbie dolls and all their accessories have been by the side of many girls throughout their growth for many years, being one of the most popular brands of toys for the little ones at home, it is no surprise that you want to choose a house for your own. daughter.


Among the reasons why choosing a Barbie house is an excellent idea are:

Long-term investment:

One of the greatest benefits that you will find when choosing a Barbie house is that they are extremely durable and will be a great investment that will last over time, they can even pass from generation to generation.

Large number of accessories available:

It is also necessary to highlight the amount of accessories that you can attach and include to the game with a Barbie house, from the accessories that come with it and that emulate the objects we use in real life, to cars, pets and endless options that you can buy separately to increase the fun.

Of collection:

Many of these Barbie items, including the dolls and houses, are collectibles that, in case you want to invest in something that will appreciate over time, it can be an excellent idea to opt for these toys and, of course, do not remove them from their box so that they do not lose their value.

Benefits of playing with dollhouses

If I love something about Barbie houses and dolls in general, it is that playing with them greatly benefits the growth of the little ones, with advantages that you will learn about below:

They help imaginative play:

A child’s imagination has no limits and it is always a great idea to stimulate them to bring out their most creative side, which is possible when playing with dolls and their houses.

By having to recreate situations, they will be stimulating their imaginative abilities.

History lessons:

Many of these houses are set in different times in history and by playing with them your children will learn a lot about the culture, clothing and customs of each of those times, all while having fun.


Like other activities such as music, sports and writing, playing with dolls benefits the physical and motor skills of the little ones, improving their concentration and hand-eye coordination.


Children who have great imaginations will always be more creative in other areas of life and a Barbie house, as you know, stimulates this area of ​​the brain very well.

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