9 Ideas for Good Children’s Books to Give at Christmas


One of the best memories I have of Christmas is the one of those nights when Mom would sit and read the best stories of my childhood.

After I learned to read, every 6 kings always left a book of stories among my gifts, many of which I still have and read to my boys.

That of the kings bringing the books is a tradition that I will continue with my own family when my boys defend themselves with reading. In the meantime, I’m not wasting a second to stop reading something good to you.

What better time than Christmas for you to sit down with the little ones in the house to read a good book? Can you imagine yourself with your kids facing fearsome adventures and discovering magical worlds?

I do, and I believe that a book is, and always will be, the best gift. A gift that will never leave you bad.

That is why here I leave you a small list with 10 ideas of good children’s books for you to give away this Christmas, where you will surely find that jewel that will make you fall madly and forever in love with reading

Here we present you The best children’s books to give at Christmas:

1. Disney: Princesses A magical world pop-up

Collection piece





A princess always needs a book that talks about princesses, all the more so if it is one of the most famous of the stories that have even transcended to movie screens.

It is only a matter of taking this book with your little girl and flying on the carpet living adventures with Jasmine, traveling in Cinderella’s magical carriage with her particular coachmen and enjoying the charm of the seas, like Ariel (The Little Mermaid).

With beautiful illustrations and unmatched relief, Disney revives the allure of pop-up books. It is a book to collect.

2. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (Illustrated)

Illustrated edition



Harry potter and the Philosopher's Stone...

Harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone…


Harry Potter is not a normal boy, although he thinks so. But when he turns 11, he will discover that all those mysterious things that happen around him have a reason: he is a magician.

With this good news, Harry leaves his hateful uncles for a season and discovers a new world where he is surprisingly famous. There he will finally find his home and the unconditional friendship of Hermione and Ron, his tireless companions of adventures.

Surely you have grown up with this saga and now you want to pass this magic on to your kids. Great choice! And Jim Kay’s illustrations. Awesome!

3. The Book Of 101 Stories

Beautiful compilation


The book of 101 stories (Literature ...

The book of 101 stories (Literature …


Who told you that storybooks are only for children? If that’s what you think, this wonderful piece will show you otherwise.

Christian Strichselected 101 memorable European stories that have traveled the world, and many of them have even been the gateway for many people to the magical world of reading.

Come on, we know your boys will love it! But believe me when I tell you that this is a book for any age. The beauty and the Beast, The Brave Little Tailor, Thumbelina stand out, among others beautifully illustrated by the great Tatiana Hauptmann.

4. Emotional. Say what you feel

Interesting and informative



Emotional. Say what you feel

Emotional. Say what you feel


When your children are young, perhaps the most difficult thing for you is to explain the range of emotions that appear in their personalities as they grow. Well, this book will help you a lot in the task.

In simple language and with striking illustrations Cristina Nuñez Pereira and Rarafael Romero, the authors, will explain what anger, love, joy, sadness are all about, among other complex emotions that make up human behavior.

The best thing is that, from a young age, your children will be able to learn to identify each emotion and control them in a healthy way for their proper development.

5. The color monster

Ideal for young children



The color monster (album edition ...

The color monster (album edition …


The colored monster is a fun bicharraco that will make your younger children warm. Anna Llenas Serra, the author, has drawn a wonderful character, full of nuances that will put your children in touch with their emotions.

It is a colorful specimen with beautiful illustrations where the smallest of the house will not only learn the colors, but also the meaning of each of the emotions that make up the personality of the human being.

You will have a lot of fun if you start reading them to your dwarves by putting funny faces and making the sonorous voices of the different characters in the book.

6. The descendants. Island of the lost

Every coin has two sides



The descendants. The Island of ...

The descendants. The Island of …


Although from the beginning of time, the villains of the stories have earned the aversion of the reader, with this book perhaps you can change your mind, I don’t expect you to love them! but at least you will see the other side of the mirror.

The story, suitable for adolescents and young people, recreates, once again, the magical world of Disney, seen on this occasion from the perspective of the children of the most notable villains in famous tales.

If your kids are fans of the Disney world, this is a piece that you can’t stop having in the library.

7. The Daredevils in Search of Treasure

Educate with emotional intelligence



The Daredevils in Search of Treasure: ...

The Daredevils in Search of Treasure: …


The parents of the New Age As you have taken seriously this of educating children so that they grow up emotionally happy and healthy, that is why Elsa Punset, the author, has taken advantage of this wave to offer you just what you are looking for.

In this edition, a couple of boys, a pet and an emotions trainer will immerse the reader in an adventure where you will travel through various emotions according to personality and age, receiving tips to improve self-esteem.

Each of the keys that your children will receive to grow emotionally healthy are crowned with beautiful illustrations by Rocío Bonilla.

8. Tom Gates Great! Or not? I do not know

Finely illustrated reading



Tom Gates: Great! Or not? (I don't ...

Tom Gates: Great! Or not? (I don’t …


If you are interested in engaging your kids in reading, even if they are rather visual, this book will come in handy because it accompanies the mythical adventures of the particular Tom Gates with an illustrated comic-like animation.

It is a format that teaches, entertains and the best thing is that it is cool both for adults and children because it tells, as a legendary adventure, the typical stories that happen to children of the age of Tom Gates.

There are already more than five titles in the Tom Gates saga that is cool in boys from 10 years onwards.

9. A book by Hervé Tullet

Magic circles



A book

A book


If you have ever wondered if there is a book that is striking enough to hook your little ones just by opening it, Hervé Tullet has the answers to all your questions.

It is just a simple bet, but extremely striking, what “A book” offers to your little readers. It is a work, simple, digestible and very charming with the extra of a more than interesting graphic proposal.

The little ones love to have fun, and it stimulates their imagination and creativity in equal measure. A great gift and a real treasure for little dreamers.

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