6 Best Hot wheels monster trucks


Hot Wheel is a trademark of die-cast playthings found by American toymaker Mattel in 1968. It was the central contender of matchbox before 1997 when Mattel purchase Tyco toys, the previous holder of a matchbox. Many motorcars manufacturers have since allowed Hot Wheels to make scale models of their cars and use original design drawings and detailing. While Hot Wheels initially planned to be for kids and young ones, they have become famous with mature collectors, for whom restricted edition models are now made accessible.

The word “monster” may be said that something negative, but for little kids, they are cute mini objects. Kids view these monsters as something comic and to play with them. When it is an event to purchase a toy for your kids, you might need to take a monster toy for them.

Hot wheels monster truck is an exclusive truck with explosive and large tires constructed for contention. A contention monster truck is generally 12 feet large and furnished with 66-inch rough tires. Monster trucks progressed in the late 1970s and came into the common eye in the early 1980s as side performs at famous motorcycle racing, tractor pulling, and clay bogging occasions, where they were using in wrack-up demonstrations. Today they are the main seduction with motorcycle racing, clay bogging, ATV running, or demolition derbies as carrying occasions.

Six best hot wheels monster trucks

1Hot wheels Downhill Race monster truck
2Hot Wheels Tiger Shark Monster Truck
3Monster Jam Truck, Official Mega Grave Digger All-field Remote Control
4Hot Wheels Monster Demo Doubles Trucks
5MAPIXO Monster Truck Set with Flashing LED Wheels
6John Deere Monster Treads Lightning Wheels Tractor


  1. Hot wheels Downhill Race monster truck

    This top hot monster truck downhill race & Go Playset is not like other monster truck toy collection. This group involves a 2-in-1 conveyer and raceway, a Hot Wheels white metal car, and a hot wheels monster truck. Allow your kid to acquire a car and truck racing downhill and love the eventual sensation and collision experience. This hot wheels gif pack is best surprise for Hot wheels monster trucks lovers.

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    • The four feet lengthy race truck can adjust up to six cars.
    • The track can turn up for simple storage and transmission.
    • The toy set can contract as a car carrier and adjust up to twelve cars.
    • Attach a 1:64 scale truck to the head of the set and chase away.
    • Its downhill race beat stumbling block and knock out your contention.
    • The weight of this hot monster truck downhill race is about 2 kilograms.
    • Its trademark is Hot Wheels.
    • Its dimensions are 6.5*55*9inches (L*W*H)
  2. Hot Wheels Tiger Shark Monster Truck

    Are you prepared to allow your kid to play a part in face-to-face struggles with this hot tiger shark monster truck? Each truck appears with its demography, involving name, firmness, truck type, crash strike, and some inspiration to motivate your little ones.

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    • This truck set is a disgraceful selection of 1:24 scale monster trucks with powerful white metal bodies.
    • Its powerful bodies and jumbo wheels provide these monster trucks a border on mega rough ground.
    • Its dimensions are 7.48*5.51*4.72inches (L*W*H)
    • The weight of this hot tiger shark monster truck is about 0.1 kilogram.
    • Its trademark is Hot Wheels.
    • Its material is metal.
    • Its style is like a tiger shark.
  3. Monster Jam Truck, Official Mega Grave Digger All-field Remote Control

    Is you kid crazy for monster Trucks? The Mega Grave Digger marks a robust all-field remote control that puts you at an expense. The comprehensive graphic body, excellent headlights, and sturdy chassis make this monster truck standpoint out from the rest.

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    • You can manage and turn it any regulation from up to 250 feet utilizing the 2.4 GHz double joystick investigator.
    • The monster truck computes over two feet lengthy.
    • It appears with extensive tires, working lights, flexible treads, mega-sized blows, and original graphics.
    • An integrated USB cable helps you to activate the monster truck.
    • Its trademark is Monster Jam.
    • Its material is rubber.
    • The weight of this monster jam truck is about 5.56 pounds.
    • Its dimensions are 19*29*18.5inches (L*W*H)
  4. Hot Wheels Monster Demo Doubles Trucks

    These two best hot wheels monster trucks intentionally matched to compete in a race with their jumbo wheels. Every hot wheels package is depleted separately and involves two cars with demography and facts about each truck.


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    • These Hot Wheels monster trucks appear with broad wheels and details.
    • These crazy trucks are ideal for face to face battles.
    • The trucks are accessible in distinct colors and designs.
    • Its trademark is Hot Wheels.
    • Its dimensions are 2.36*5.51*6.5inches (L*W*H)
    • The weight of this hot wheel monster demo double truck is about 118 grams.


  5. MAPIXO Monster Truck Set with Flashing LED Wheels

    This collection of four hot wheels monster trucks is acceptable for gifting on a birthday or holiday. It appears with crystal clear multi-color wheels that light up. These are convenient colors and are made of 100 secure and non-toxic malleable to keep your kid safe and secure.

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    • The crystal clear monster wheels that light up with colorful LED’s readily captivate your kid’s attention and keeps them busy for a long time.
    • This package set involves four cars in the colors yellow, blue, black, and red.
    • The push-and-go apparatus allows kids to knock the monster trucks in living rooms or places and play with them to enjoy.
  6. John Deere Monster Treads Lightning Wheels Tractor

Computing nine-inches lengthy, six-inches broad, and eight-inches high, this monster toy  by hot wheels with light-up wheels is prepared to tip anything that lies in its track. Your child needs to easily rotate the tractor to operate the supercool light-up wheels for the Green LED lights to approach to life.

Lighten your little kid’s off-road experiences with this crazy monster truck.

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    • This John Deere Monster truck prepared to set about any barrier that lies in its track and hike off to a great start.
    • The broad and wheels make this truck acceptable for all lands.
    • It is simple to use and match both inside and outside play.


In ending, when you are going to purchase monster trucks for your kid’s then understanding your little one’s requirements is very important. Look at what they are searching up, some kids like heavy duty monster trucks and some enjoys light enabled trucks. Make sure if the toys are safe and secure for your kids. Have an effort during the selection of monster trucks that will improve your child’s imagination and help them grasp something new every day.


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