15 Fantastic Toy Gift Ideas For Kids Ages 8-11


It is not easy to give something original to children of this age, especially since they are no longer babies but have not entered adolescence either. That is why for Christmas, it is better to have on hand the best gift ideas of toys for children from 8 to 11 years old. This makes it easier to choose the appropriate one to satisfy these difficult tastes.

Generally, they are much more used to technology and more advanced games that challenge their curiosity and inventiveness. If all this is confusing and you don’t know what to buy for those little ones this holiday season, don’t worry, there are many options on the market.

And so that you do not get lost in that sea of ​​alternatives, you can review our following comparative list that has 15 fantastic ideas for you to surprise the little ones in the house.

Here we present you the best toy gift ideas for kids ages 8-11:

1. Nerf N-Strike Elite XD Rhino-Fire Super-Combo

With harmless projectiles


Any boy will be the sensation among his friends if he has this toy. You can meet up with several friends and have a great time playing tag with each other and practicing your marksmanship. It is super fun and safe because the projectiles are made of foam, harmless and do not hit the eyes or the face.

2. RC Súper Hotshot Tamiya

An all-terrain buggy


Tamiya 300058517 --1:10 RC Súper ...

Tamiya 300058517 –1:10 RC Súper …


Impossible not to include among the gifts of this year a super rustic racing car like this one. It is based on the original 1986 model with an improved design so you will not only be giving the kids an entertaining toy but also a bit of history to entertain and learn.

3. Droid R2-D2 Sphero Star Wars

A memorable android


Sphero R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid de Sphero

Sphero R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid de Sphero


Of course there are already Star Wars fans at this age, so one of the gifts that will make them happy is this beautiful Android R2-D2. They will be able to control it with their smart device, be it a Smartphone or iPad and they will be the envy of their school friends.

4. Carrera Digital 132 DTM Countdown

With six channels


If you want your children between 8 and 11 years old to spend a fun afternoon with their friends at home, this race car track is great for you. Up to six kids can use it and its assembly is quick and easy. You will stimulate competition and there will be healthy recreation for children.

5. Barbie W3320 Hunger Games Katniss

Because Barbie is also a warrior


Barbie W3320 - Hunger Games Katniss Doll...

Barbie W3320 – Hunger Games Katniss Doll…


A Barbie is always an excellent gift for the girls of the house, but perhaps these older girls no longer want the typical mermaid or the famous princess but Katniss Everdeen, their favorite heroine from “The Hunger Games”. Her clothes and accessories are amazing and she is also inspired by actress Jennifer Lawrence.

6. HUDORA Stunt Scooter XX-222

To fly on the pavement


Hudora XX-222 - Stunt Scooter

Hudora XX-222 – Stunt Scooter


Playing outside is always fun and more when you are old enough for it. That’s why giving this scooter to any child of 8, 9, 10 or 11 years old, you will get a big hug and a grateful smile, followed by a request to go out and test its speed and 360 ° direction.

7. Queen Games 6113 Big Box Fresco

Art, History and fun


Queen Games 6113 - Fresko large box ...

Queen Games 6113 – Fresko large box …


For guys who like creative and different board games, this will be an excellent present. In addition, with him they learn history and increase their manual skills. It is not every day that you are a Renaissance painter and restorer. It’s a cool story and manual adventure.

8. Transformers 5 – Masterpiece Bumblebee Hasbro C0892EU4

The little autobot brother


Transformers 5 - Masterpiece Bumblebee...

Transformers 5 – Masterpiece Bumblebee…


Guys love cars and robots and the combination of both in the Transformers makes them freak out. This model of the mighty yellow character Bumblebee will delight any child of this age, also because it is a tough and powerful looking specimen capable of truly transforming from its initial position as a robot to a cool car.

9. Fischertechnik Dynamic Xl assembly toy

To build and learn


The most creative and curious I assure you that they want this construction set that allows them to design incredible models. They will spend hours assembling and then enjoying the movement of the molas and their high-speed ride. It is a toy that stimulates scientific knowledge and gives basic notions of physics.

10. Professional Studio Creation Buki France Creation

A haute couture dream


Buki France- Sewing Machine, ...

Buki France- Sewing Machine, …


You have little ones at home who like fashion design, because you will make them happy with this little sewing machine. Girls will be the envy of their friends when they wear authentic clothes made by them and for them. The great thing about it is that you won’t have to go looking for materials because the package includes fabrics and patterns to make a skirt, a removable collar, a handkerchief and personalize a T-shirt.

11. Alex Toys Let ‘s Cook Ultimate Chef Set

To become a Master Chef


Alex Toys – Let 's Cook Ultimate...

Alex Toys – Let ‘s Cook Ultimate…


With the rise of culinary competition shows, especially for children, more than one is fascinated and will want to play with a kitchen set like this. Girls especially but also boys enjoy the idea of ​​being chefs and this set will help them create their experience in a fun way.

12. Lulu Mash The Game

challenging and imaginative


Sugarlulu Games for Girls Mash Game

Sugarlulu Games for Girls Mash Game


Pre-adolescent girls really enjoy thinking about their future and the things they will do and with this game you will make them happy because it makes their work easier. Many questions and categories with cards to fill in, will entertain them for long hours and imagine hundreds of possible situations in their future.

13. Lego Friends 3186 – Emma’s horse trailer

For lovers of country life


LEGO Friends 3186 - The Trailer ...

LEGO Friends 3186 – The Trailer …


If your girls like construction games, this one in particular will be a great Christmas present. It is not only about LEGO figures and blocks but also about a very cool person, Emma, ​​a doll who practices horseback riding and her horse trailer. It is a very nice set that includes pieces to make a house and the car that pulls the trailer.

14. Millennium Falcon from Star Wars

The most precious ship


LEGO STAR WARS - Millennium Falcon,...

LEGO STAR WARS – Millennium Falcon,…


To thrill all the little Star Wars fans, the Falcon is a fantastic idea. In addition, for this Christmas everything related to this saga is a trend so if you give this toy as a gift you will win all the smiles of the boy and his friends from school.

15. First Order Heavy Assault Walker de Star Wars

The enemy is near


LEGO 75189 Star Wars First Order Heavy...

LEGO 75189 Star Wars First Order Heavy…


The First Order Heavy Assault Walker will not be missing for these holidays among the Star Wars collection to turn the room, the living room and even the patio into a true intergalactic battlefield. Bring accessories that go fancy with the figurines that include pilots, resistance soldiers, lightsabers… all for great play.


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